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So. What games are you playing right now?

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I assume you're not all sitting about waiting and refreshing your internet browsers every few minutes just in case Telltale releases Sam and Max early. What games are you playing just now? Me, I've been going crazy on eBay and Trademe lately, getting rid of most of my new games and buying old ones. Subsequently I find myself sitting in front of my computer playing The Dark Eye, The Last Express, and Discworld Noir.

The Dark Eye -although lacking in actual gameplay- is quite superb, especially as I've recently discovered the exciting world of Edgar Allen Poe's stories. The use of puppets as characters is interesting but very nicely done, and actually playing out the stories perfectly aware of what's going to hapen is highly gripping stuff, especially as you play as the victim and the victimiser.

The Last Express is pretty damn awesome. I've been wanting to play this game for years and have finally got myself a copy. What's to say about it? I love the art style.

Ah, Discworld Noir. Two of my favourite things: Terry Pratchett's Discworld and Film Noir, together at last (yes, I'm aware it's actually been out for many years now). Exploring Ankh Morpork and seeing people and places you recognize from the books is a lot of fun.

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  • When I'm not busy studying or refreshing my Internet browser... I play Civilization 4, for which I've recently acquired the Warlords expansion. It doesn't add a lot to the game, but what it does add makes it a bit more interesting to play, and the scenarios are a lot better than in the original game. I wish they would put in the Netherlands as a civilization though, but maybe they're saving that for the next expansion.

    And I've always wanted to play Discworld Noir (I loved the original Discworld game), but I can't for the life of me figure out where to buy it, and I don't want to get it on eBay or anything, because of the (usually) insane shipping costs.

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    man I haven't really played a new game since the great cow race.. working my way through grim fandango as well..

  • Touché: Adventures Of The 5th Musketeer.
    This game is an eye-blinking to every LucasArts great adventure, do yourself a gift and play it, if you haven't before.

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    Animal Crossing, Meteos, God of War and Rome: Total War, though I've mainly only had time for Animal Crossing in the last week.

  • The game I played most recently was King's Quest IV (my review of it will go up on Adventure Gamers in the near future).

    I'm hoping to spend the weekend with Dreamfall, if my below-spec computer can handle it. It's installing right now...

    Oh, and I'm still plugging away at Phoenix Wright (have been for months now). I don't want it to end so I'm playing it in very small bursts. I'm partway through the last case.

  • I'm playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 for PC and Daxter for Sony PSP. I want to get Loco Roco pretty soon. Also, I just subscribed to GameTap, so with that and my current huge backlog of games, I'm pretty busy there.

    Oh, right, and Oblivion for XBox 360. It's kind of on hold now. Maybe until I can find a cheap but decent HDTV. Or after I finish KOTOR 2.

    And somewhere in the middle of all this, I plan to knock out a few adventure games like Dreamfall, And Then There Were None, Voyage, and The Black Mirror.

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    Shit, I forgot I'm halfway through Voyage (or as it's so thrillingly titled in Australia... Journey to the Moon *clunk*) too.

    I've also got Another Code, Metroid Prime: Hunters, New Super Mario Bros, Mario and Lugi: Partners in Time and Feel the Magic en route to me, so I'm going to be busy for quite a while.

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    I never beat the first Sam & Max so i'm rushing through it. I'm also playing Tales of Symphonia. If you have a gamecube (or you're getting the Wii) get this game. It rocks HARD!!! I'm also playing Chrono Cross, fresh from Ebay.

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    Squinky Telltale Alumni

    Chrono Cross was good, though I never finished it because it was just too biiiig. I kinda liked Chrono Trigger better.

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    [quote]Chrono Cross was good, though I never finished it because it was just too biiiig. I kinda liked Chrono Trigger better.[/quote]

    I never played Chrono Trigger.

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