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S&M S2, Strong Bad and ToMI do not recognize Widescreen Settings

posted by GinnyN on - last edited - Viewed by 112 users

But Wallace and Gromit does it. Crazy, uh?

I must admit I'm configuring everything from scratch and probably everything is not configured ok (I'm still working on that). But that difference is buging me since I noticed, What do you think is?

Edit: Forget it... I just have to reinstall

Edit 2: In fact, I make work Wallace and Gromit AND Tales of Monkey Island only (Which left me less scared. Now I know I will play the Devil's Playhouse in glorious widescreen. I think.). Sam and Max Season 2 and Strong Bad still don't work. It's an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 and I swear I have the newest Drivers and Direct X.

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