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Q&A with Jared Emerson-Johnson, Friday!

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Hear ye hear ye, Jared is coming to the forums to answer some of your music and sound related questions! Pop in to hear the answers on Friday the 2nd from 10am to 11am PST (he chose this specifically so Europeans can be awake for it, what a guy!)

Let me tell you- Jared is a superhero. He sets the tone of the world with ease, he knocks out sound effects with a single blow, he makes what we do sound AMAZING. It's a fact that Telltale sometimes hires super-human automatons, and investigations as to Jared's actual humanity are pending. Some people are just too talented.

(Fun fact: he's also super-skilled at Beatles Rock Band.)

We're open for questioning, so load 'em up and keep him busy.

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  • Cheers for the answers man, i'd go Paul Simon too ;)

    @JaredEJ said: If you do end up playing the tunes, I wanna hear it!

    Trust me, you don't

  • @Remolay said: What was the most fun song to create?

    can we expect any randomish musical numbers this season?

    Hmm...the most fun. Tough question. If we're talking the most fun from the Telltale Games catalogue, I'd have to say...gosh, I'm really not sure. I generally like what I'm working on at the moment the most, so I guess I'd have to say some of the stuff I just finished for season 3!

  • @Irishmile said: Being skilled in sound how often does poor sound design ruin a movie for you because its more obvious for you than for someone who isn't trained to notice?

    Heh, it can be distracting. The most funny thing to notice are stock library sounds in big, high budget pictures. I can usually just laugh about how lame it is and move on, though. I try not to let it get me down :)

  • @Fury said: Was it hard voicing the Marquis?

    It was disturbingly easy, actually. I don't know what that says about me.

  • @RobD said: Geeky question:

    What DAW/platform/mics/outboard stuff do you use?


    I answered some of this a bit further up, but I use Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Sibelius, on a G5 running OS 10.4

    We use a really wide variety of mics for the recordings, too many to list.

  • @JaredEJ said: It was disturbingly easy, actually. I don't know what that says about me.

    I got the idea when the character is actually really really diferent to you, is easier to play it. My stock characters when I was in the School Theatre Group were ussually really different to my actual personality. Well, that's a noob talking about that =P

  • @Soracha said: Who are your top-3 composers?

    Oof...these questions are so hard. I gave a pretty extensive list in this interview from awhile back:

    It's about halfway down the page. My list of favorites is always shifting around, and it's really hard to pick just three.

  • @Giant Tope said: The Beatles or the Ramones?

    Ugh, now I'm gonna get my ass kicked, but I have to go with The Beatles. They're both great, but I really admire the variety and the scope covered by the Beatles catalogue. When I'm in the mood to just fully rock out though, you can't go wrong with "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down."

  • @lastfuture said: What do you use to note down and listen to your compositions before you record the live instruments?

    ...and are the strings also real instruments or are you taking those from sample libraries?

    Love your stuff, keep up the awesome work

    Some of this is covered in some of the earlier replies (DP, etc.).

    As for the strings, it depends. For single violin passages, it's often me playing, for larger, more orchestral textures, I do sometimes use sampled strings. It often depends on the context and the genre (and the budget).

  • @Sp0tted said: How much actual written music is in an episode, vs. how much of it is looped?

    Sam and Max has a jazz theme, have you ever considered recording several dozen solos over the same changes as a way of expanding the music?

    **Edit: As a musician I know you have CONSIDERED it (we all have), but has that ever been a point of discussion vs. doing loops of music?

    Believe it or not, we actually do that at various points in the scores. If you listen to the soundtrack, it's all extrapolated out into a linear form, but we do often have several sets of solos that go over the same forms in various locations. I can go into more detail about this, if you're curious.

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