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Telltale, you've royally screwed us all this time!

posted by Secret Fawful on - last edited - Viewed by 177 users

Your recent announcement that Sam and Max was going to be on the iPad was really cool, until I thought about it. And I've come to realize, when will TOMI get ported to iPad? Will it ever happen? Why isn't it already happening? This is extremely unfair to us Monkey Island fans who so loyally followed you for almost a year now, and is obvious favoritism towards the Sam and Max crowd. How is it fair they get to play their game on the iPad but us MI fans get nothing? And what about all those PC players who got to play TOMI already a year before the iPad crowd? There's obvious favoritism towards PC players as well too! How could you do this to us? How could you delay it so long? We should have been playing TOMI on the iPad a year ago! You bastards. You're in league with the devil. I'll never forgive you or buy from you again. I've been cheated, dammit, cheated!

As for Steve Jobs, I withdraw my proposal of marriage. That goes for Steve Purcell too. And I hope you choke on the fruit baskets and champagne I sent you.

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