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whats with the wii hate?

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look. i have the wii version of "tales of a island that has monkeys on it: narwhals that scream" and the framerate does chug at SOME times but its not UNBEARABLE like you guys make it out to be. so in short, either you have bad wii's or my wii got a processing boost when i homebrewed it.

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  • It shouldn't have those problems, really. It costs good money, to get the whole game it's $50.

    I think the complaining is justified to an extent - it's not really TTG's fault, as it's the Wii's hardware failure problems. But they did choose to design for it and customers have a right to expect a generally well working game.

  • @deadlinejon said: "tales of a island that has monkeys on it: narwhals that scream"

    This is awesome.

  • The Wii hate comes from the fact that even though I have absolutely no intention of ever playing Tales on the Wii, my game that I get is being held back. Not only by Wii hardware, but by Nintendo's idiotic downloadable content restrictions.

  • There's usually more hate when people restart the topic =)

  • Download the demo of the PC version... then you can see how much better it runs.

    The wii version is 75 Australian dollars...

    But the PC version is only 37 Australian dollars!! and the product is so many times better!

  • Yeah, the Aussie prices kill me. One reason I buy so few games anymore.

    Though that has to do with the fact that the US<->AU exchange rate is way out of sync with the cost of goods difference, plus the general market prices for console games in AU (which is ridiculous). So stuff priced for the market based on local distributors (the Wii title, and actually most non-Internet-distributed, indie games) are WAY WAY higher than stuff that's more or less just purchased from the US (direct from Telltale).

  • The worst part is that the PC version's bad points in the gameplay are only there because it was designed for a Wii gameplay. I mean I've never seen such horrible controls, why couldn't we just click around to move Guybrush ???

    And the low system requirements of the wii gave us a "ok" game while it could have been much more beautiful than this.

    So when you actually play the Wii version and see that it's very very bad compared to the PC, you're forced to not be pleased with it, especially when it costs even more. (and not dubbed in foreign countries !)

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