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Obscure Russian Monkey Island game

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A guy at Mixnmojo made some curious discovery considering good ole Monkey Island 2. It seems to have been unofficially adapted in Russia back in 1995:

Around seven or so years ago I stumbled upon an obscure version of Monkey Island 2 made for the Russian home computer Elektronika BK-0011(M). I got the thing running on some emulator and intended to do some research on it but I never did. I came to think of it the other day and thought that there might be some interest in it and as far as I know it has not been mentioned around here before.

Obviously this is not an official port of the game but rather some sort of fan made thing. But a rather ambitious one at that. Potentially, it was made by some company and perhaps even sold. My Russian is a bit rusty so I don't know for sure. There appears to be some sort of copyright claim dated to the year 1995, so I assume that is when the game was made.

There is a gameplay video (without sound, though this game has music, some of which is re-arrangement of the MI theme) here:


Original post and dialogue translation of the Youtube video is here:

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