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Anyone collect action figures?

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Don't know if I am in the minority, but I collect action figures where they are scattered throughout my room.

I wonder if there are some ppl on this forum who also collect action figures

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  • Nope, but I do have a Ghostbusters car (from the 'Real Ghostbusters' cartoon series) with action figures that I still keep in my room. And I also have Bruiser action figure from the Bucky 'O Hare cartoon series sitting on top of my PC.


  • I'd like to get some South Park ones

  • I am quite suprised that not a lot, considering that my assumption that some video gamers collect action figures.

    As of now, I mostly collect the marvel figures. I also collect transformers, but rarely per year since I only buy the ones marked to collectors and not the main themed ones like the upcomming movie figures.

  • I don't "collect" them, per se. I do own a few, and I buy a new one when it impresses me. Lately I've become disenchanted with the ones with "25 billion points of articulation" and a ton of accessories and features, I'd rather just have a $7-$12 figure that stands there and looks cool.

    My current favorite:


  • Newest edition to my collection of sorts:

    This is also the sort of figure I like, it just stands there and looks cool, while at the same time saying to the world, "Hey, did you know they made an action figure of Atrus?"
    Although... it seems like he's staring at me all the time. Kind of creepy.

  • Ahem... Yes... *looks guilty* I have a lot of random toys. Mostly gargoyles and Nightmare before christmas ones... and a very very strange teenage mutant Ninja turtle toy... I won it in a tombola.. it's bizzare.. seriously wack skategear raph it's called.. I was like "wtf?"

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