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17$ shipping for Europe is crazy

posted by viper1701 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users

Hi Telltale,

I'm an old customer who bought almost every single game since you started...

However I must say I'm very disappointed with the shipping cost for one freaking DVD sent to Europe (France in my case)

17$ for one DVD ? really ?

For comparison Amazon is charging 6$ for a dvd and very little more if you add one or two more.

I mean USPS is not even that good, it took weeks to receive Wallace & Gromit.

I'm sure there are less expensive shipping method, specially for telltale customers who receive this DVD as a "gift" and who probably don't mind waiting for a few weeks to receive their games (considering they can always download the digital version).

I hope you will be able to change this because this 17$ fee is really transforming the gift into a curse...

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  • Well, until the ridiculously expensive shipping cost-problem is solved there will be no orders made by me from the TTG Store, I just simply can't afford to spend the same amount (or more) on shipping as on the actual items :(

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    The shipping costs is the only thing that stopped me from ordering the "free" dvd. I would be ready to pay as much as 10$ for shipping, but everything above that is just too much. I order a lot from stores in the US, Canada or Australia and never had to pay more than that, mostly its around 5-6$.

    To the comments, saying that it's not Telltale's fault. I disagree with that. They made the contracts with the shipping company and should be able to see that costs that high for a single item are just not really explainable to customers.

    The free shipping when ordering for 50$ isn't much of an option either, if you do not want that much stuff (or in my case rather buy a Sam&Max Wii release on disc).

  • hmm yeah this sucks.. i was expecting about 10$ but now I'm not so sure I'm gonna get that dvd.

  • Turkey.

    Shipping: $32.80

    I refuse.

  • @Adrianr said: I agree, I'm appalled at this new shipping rate. They want to charge me $18US to ship to Australia.. I've ordered both seasons of Sam & Max, Wallace & Gromit, Strong Bad and each time the postage was only a few $

    I've got the same problem & I live in Australia too, I want my special pre-order fancy cover Monkey Island but I don't want to pay $20 for shipping :( Even when considering the extras it doesn't seem worth it & makes me consider sticking with my digital copies instead. I know it sounds like I'm being cheap but I'd rather choose a slower shipping method to save $10

    Might buy a plane ticket & swing by Telltale Studios so I can grab my copy personally, thus saving $20! (after spending $2000) :p

  • You could wait until the next 'Free Shipping' deal. That's what I did with my DVDs for the Sam & Max, Strong Bad and Wallace & Gromit seasons.
    That'll probably be around the time the Sam & Max Season 3 DVD will be available for preorder though, so it'll be a long wait.

  • The current 50% off sale if you buy Puzzle Agent & bundle it with other stuff is pretty cool. I tried ordering it with Wallace & Gromit DVD (I don't own any episodes yet) & the p&h costs goes down to US$15.90 yet Monkey Island DVD is still in the cart as well? *scratches head* I have no idea how that makes any sense but I might go with that

  • Pretty outrageous Telltale is spamming me with 'order sam & max now' when it's almost over a year that I ordered Tales of Monkey Island and still haven't played that game.

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    @slohoho said: Pretty outrageous Telltale is spamming me with 'order sam & max now' when it's almost over a year that I ordered Tales of Monkey Island and still haven't played that game.

    Not even the downloadable version (the first episode has been available for over 10 months, the others, pretty much every month after that)?

  • Agree that the shipping costs are high.

    UK people (and others?) should also be aware that they may get an additional customs charge on a larger package. I made an order, making use of a few offers, and getting my "free" W&G DVD in one go. I got charged ~$15 customs charge and had to pick it up from the post office. I had no idea that I would have to pay this!

    Not so good! I won't be buying any more physical products from Telltale until this is sorted. (I would also like a refund of my $15...).

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