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Season 2 plot/Episode Titles Speculation Thread

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I don't know at this point a main plot but maybe Episode 1 will be around the War in the Dakotas.

Any thoughts?

Unresolved things (That I remember):
1. US/Lower Saskatchewan
2. War at the Dakotas
3. US Presidency/Max impeachments
4. Possible vacations :D
5. Abe/Sybil :p
6. Flint???

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  • The next season may be about time travel, but how would the villain use that against people? I mean, if it was going to be like DOTT, then they'd have to introduce the main villain right from the first episode, and it would take you six cliffhanger episodes to defeat this guy! That's why DOTT wasn't an episodic game (not like it could've been, but you get my point).

    I'm thinking, just because of the COPS, that it could be obscelete machinery taking over the world, but I have no idea.

  • Sam and Max can already travel through time, they just drive there in their car!

    It would be nice if all the episodes next season were set in different eras (like in some of the comics), but that probably wouldn't work so well with location reuse.

  • I'm just surprised nobody has commented on the absurdity of my idea yet. I guess that means that it will get made.:D

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    For The Love Of The Zombie Steve McQueen, I Will Not Look At That!

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