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  • @bon said: I don't want Ron's genius to be brought down by the limitations of the Telltale Tool and the episodic format.

    Um, Deathspank was originally planned to be episodic.

  • Ron basically invented episodic, even :P

  • @bon said: Voted disagree on the poll.

    I don't want Ron's genius to be brought down by the limitations of the Telltale Tool and the episodic format.

    Genius? :rolleyes:

  • @StarEye said: Ron basically invented episodic, even :P

    Ron invented inventions... and breathing... he is that good.

  • @Irishmile said: Ron invented inventions... and breathing... he is that good.

    And the internet. And pants.

  • @Pale Man said: And pants.

    Damn you, Gilbert!

  • Well he forgot to give mention that to Herman.

  • @Ripcord said: I'm always puzzled when I see Ron mentioned =)

    I may be the only one on these forums not convinced that Ron is some sort of magical Adventure Game genie, who poos witte reparte and coughs up rainbows.

    He was a big part of a team that produced two games I like very much. He was not part of teams that produced two Monkey Island games I like even better.

    I don't know that Ron would integrate well with the existing team or be a particularly big contributor. Do you, general forums public? I'll admit that on paper it sounds like it'd be a great matchup, but I doubt anyone here has any inside knowledge of the situation, or even real game development process, to have much clue. And so the level of clamoring and worship that I see on this board seems unwarranted. It also seems disrespectful to the very talented people that have brought us the last two (discounting EMI, or counting it if you like it) games.

    This post isn't directed at anyone in particular. Just general observation. It's just weird to me the kind of legendary status he's achieved and I'm not quite sure why. It reminds me of those posts that talk about "wouldn't it be great if LucasArts made a new MI game", as if that meant anything.

    With that said, I hope Telltale continue to attract talented designers - they've done a great job so far. Also done a good job of attracting people willing to work 90+ hours a week, eating TellTale-brand Gruel in the Telltale-brand dungeons.


  • @thatdude98 said: This

    Thank you for your insightful addition to this discussion.

  • Back when Monkey Island 1 and 2 were made, they didn't have huge teams on them, and most of these guys had to create these games from scratch, engine and all. Who was it that helped create the SCUMM engine? Ron Gilbert. If you take into account the fact that he did a ton of the programming and writing and creating for Monkey Island 1 alone, not discounting Dave and Tim and the artists, which is quite a large game with great innovative ideas, I can hardly say that what Ron did was some small feat. Give me a break. It takes a damn lot of work to make a game like either Monkey Island 1 or 2 or Maniac Mansion or Zak McKraken, and its a huge insult to Ron's hard work on these games to say that he didn't do something significant. Anyone who says that isn't even trying to think about it.

    When it comes to Monkey Island, who is it that the Telltale Team listen to the most when it comes to the overall story. Who did they feel it was important to bring in and talk to about it. Ron Gilbert. Those people at Telltale, like Dave who worked with him years ago, understand and know the work and understand what Ron put into the games and understand what he did to make them happen, and if they didn't, they wouldn't have bothered to bring him in at all. It wasn't "for the fans", it was a conscious decision to ask Ron Gilbert to help, even if it was just for a short time.

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