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Beyond The Devil's Playhouse

posted by ABlackEyedPea on - last edited - Viewed by 164 users

Besides coming up with a pretty cool name for a documentary, I have a legitimate question for everyone:

How far do you think Sam and Max will go before it finally dies out?

I'm positive there'll be a season four and possibly a fifth or sixth season in the future, but I'm doubting there'll be Sam and Max beyond that. It's just a feeling I'm getting, here. A hunch.

So what do you guys think? How far do you think Sam and Max will go, on top of the 23+ years of material it has going for it?

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  • @Sausy Gibbon said: When they crash their motorcycle into a pool of piranha poodles.

    If they're going to die, why not in a cross-promotional type way? Of course, Guybrush set these on them himself so he could get more games.

  • Of cource or Telltale wouldn't make Monkey Island X A Space Odyssey.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    From a strictly economic point of view, Telltale will continue to publish Sam & Max games as long as they are lucrative. If other brands become equally popular or even more popular, it's likely that TTG will hire more staff to produce more games. If there are two or even three years between seasons, a fourth and fifth season are likely; after that, only a really serious change in game mechanics (and graphics) might rejuvenate the series enough to continue to thrive.

  • Sam and Max Gaiden: The Cases of Flint Paper

  • @Remolay said: Sam and Max Gaiden: The Cases of Flint Paper

    "I won't rest until I find the creep who killed by two best buds!!"

  • Sam and Max must assassinate historical figures to fix time! Abe Lincoln! Mahatma Ghandi! Colonel Sanders!

  • @ABlackEyedPea said:
    Bosco had figured out the whole conspiracy against him, the Soda Poppers were gone, Flint Paper solved a case and Sam and Max saved Santa, Grandpa Stinky, Timmy Two-Teeth and the DeSoto from Hell itself. Doesn't get more climactic than that!

    Sam and Max have life outside of Telltale's games, you know :)

  • I honestly don't think TTG will quit making Sam & Max titles. I think Telltale would like to see them become the symbol of the adventure game genre and mascots for the company. Of course, this all hinges on what Steve Purcell wants to do, but at least that's what I think TTG wants to do.

  • Sam & Max a worldwide symbol?! They'd abuse the power and kill all of the internets!

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