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Monkey Island and Zelda: Wind Waker

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Anyone ever noticed that Zelda: Wind Waker (And Phantom Hourglass) has a lot of parallels with the Monkey Island series? :D Off the top of my head;

-The entire world seems to be made up of an endless ocean with various gimmicky islands, and it is populated by pirates who are never seen doing anything particularly dangerous.

-The main character (Link/Guybrush) is a clumsy blonde guy who seems to be the only one aware of how bizarre and silly everyone around him is, and picks up extremely good swordfighting skills in a very short amount of time.

-The main character has a talking boat at one point (King of Red Lions/The Dainty Lady) who turns out to be more important than they initially appear.

-The main character's female companion (Tetra/Elaine) is loved and respected by everyone, and tends to have a bit of a temper. She is also very capable of looking after herself, yet also gets kidnapped later on.

-Anachronisms everywhere; Wind Waker has cameras, Monkey Island has...well, mostly everything.

-The crewmates either disrespect the hero (Most of Tetra's pirates, Linebeck/Guybrush's crews in Secret and Curse) or idolize him (Niko/Winslow)

-The hero is repeatedly fired out of a cannon, much to his discomfort.

-The villain keeps coming back and just won't die ever, and usually when he returns it's in a new form. (Ganon/LeChuck)

-Erm...there is a character named Tetra?

-And one from Ocarina of Time instead of Wind Waker: The hero is hit on by a fishlike merperson (Ruto the Zora/Anemone the Vaycalian) and does not enjoy it at all.

I'd have to say the similarities became more obvious when Tales came out, being a 3D game with a gorgeous cartooney art style. ;)

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  • @lersveen said: You're out of your mind, MonkeyMania. Plain and simple. Just no.

    Well you know what? I'm sick and tired of Nintendo screwing around with Zelda. They should focus on what made Zelda great in the first place. Fun and simple. ALTTP was the franchise's peak, then it just went downhill.

    1. Cutscenes, these just broke the flow of the game. What's worse is that they are too long and you have to keep pressing buttons to get through them.

    2. No more shooting sword. This is more of a problem of going to 3D. I'd like to see it come back one day.

    3. Goofy voices. It's very annoying to hear high pitched "tee hee hees!" from every single female character and *grunts* from every male character. If there's not going to be any voices, then have no voices at all.

    4. Link must yell with every sword swing. Completely unnecessary! It's now a requirement for some reason. They even added it to the GBA version of ALTTP. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

    5. Turning into an animal for a majority of the game. This is a new one. People want to play as Link with a sword and shield, not the wolf man! I hope this doesn't become a trend.

    6. Tingle. He's no Murray.

    7. Drama. It's just awkward in a Zelda game. I want to fight monsters and find treasures, not look for medicine for someones dying aunt.

    Ok, I'm done.

  • i'm ashamed. i'm a big big zelda fan, but i'm missing phantom hourglass, adventure of link and majoras mask (i won't mention the other games ... you-know-which)

    i loved wind wakers look which today still is amazing, but im getting seriously tired of its overuse. Then again Twilight Princesses look seemed a bit uninspired to me. it might have been the somewhat monotone muted colors.

    links awakening was my first one and it was simply amazing. OoT was great, but i don't have the same adoration for it as other people. I prefer both wind waker and a link to the past, i think.

    i love bioware, to me they are second to nintendo (which to me is at the top), but their thing is epic storydriven RPGs, which Zelda shouldn't be. No way should rockstar take reins of Zelda. I respect them, but i don't like their games much (i liked GTA1 and 2 though :P)

  • Are you kidding? You don't want an epic Zelda? You guys are crazy. Twilight Princess was the best game in the series. I WANT drama. I don't want some random arcade game where you hunt for treasure near as much. Most of the things you mentioned, MonkeyMania, are the very things I like about the series. Except for Tingle and lack of voices/grunts and giggles. Tingle was the single most worst thing to ever happen to any IP ever in the history of video gaming. I appreciated the cutscenes in TP also. MAde the game feel more cinematic and I don't think it detracted too much from the gameplay (which is possible with too much cutscenes, like MGS).

    And the colours were definitely not muted and monotone in TP. They were quite vibrant. The lighting was a lot more stylised but I think it was done well.

  • mh then im just not remembering it correctly. It's just from all Zelda games, twilight princess is the one i'm having the most trouble o remember... But i do think i loved it.
    But i was pretty sure that twilight princess suffered from the "realistic" "next-gen" graphics that most games early in the generation suffered from (meaning you'd never see more than a few colors on the screen at the same time, all to the yellowish brownish side, and everything was shiny and "bloomy"). I'll have to play the game again. now at least i have component cables.

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    I have a slight feeling of déjà vu with the unofficial photoshop contest in mind:


    Anyhow, I have never gotten to play WW fully, I would still love to, but obviously it is not something you would just buy the console for. I tried to use Dolphin, the gamecube emulator, to see if I could just get a glimpse of it, but that failed horribly. It managed to reach about 2 whopping frames per second, so that's a no-no.

    Completely agreeing with MusicallyInspired here: Zelda has the same balancing going as say the original Monkey Island games, they are not simply 'let's combine items till we drop', 'let's collect tonnes of random junk', 'let's have long-winding cutscenes'-concepts, yet they do lean on them internally to create something of much more epic proportions. When reading about the third-party developer suggestion, Blizzard sprung to mind. Even though they are of course nowhere near single-player-only games, they also seem to be able to strike this perfect balance in both lore and game mechanics, it's mindblowing.

  • @Tim said: I have a slight feeling of déjà vu with the unofficial photoshop contest in mind:


    Ha, Tim! I love that! Now I want it to be an actual game.

  • they did rush the game a bit and cut at least two dungeons, that's why it's a bit short. I wish they had given it time though. it could have been perfect, but now it's just nearly perfect.

  • It seems there is as wide a view on Zelda as there is Monkey Island. I think it's good that Nintendo tries different things with Zelda, so that different people can get their personal favorite flavor of "Zelda". If you think that Link's SNES game was his peak, there are still games made in that style today (A certain upcoming PS3 game comes to mind).

    It seems now days that if a game tries to do something different, it's declared "Not [insert game]-y enough". If it tries to stay the same, it's called "more of what I already have". If it's too hard, then few get the satisfaction of beating the game on their own without a walk-through (if they beat it at all). If it's too easy, then it's declared "kiddy". Too dark? "Depressing, I want to have fun with a game". Cartoony/ humorous? You guessed it, "not dark enough".

    Oh well, that's life.

  • I guess it all depends on what the majority is saying.....unfortunately for me, sometimes.

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