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Telltale to sell SMI:SE in their own store?

posted by Chyron8472 on - last edited - Viewed by 739 users

This is a serious question for the Telltale Staff:

Is TTG really going to sell SMI:SE from the Telltale Store? I will accept any answer at all. Even "we can't verify it" or "don't believe everythig you read."

I just sold my nephews on how awesome the Monkey Island series is (and perhaps adventure games in general) by showing them the first 10 minutes of CMI on Sunday. ("Is it a really EVIL looking doorstop?")

My eldest nephew's birthday is coming up in early June, and I will buy SMI:SE from TTG's Store immediately if you're selling it here. I'd much rather buy it for them as a standalone game rather than from Steam, and if TTG gets a cut of the profits, then so much the better.

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