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I made a stupid mistake! Is there any way I can undo it?

posted by SushiGummy on - last edited - Viewed by 215 users

I've tried emailing this to Telltale, but for some reason, they're not getting my emails right now.

Okay, so yesterday, I saw the new preview for The Puzzle Agent and immediately fell in love with it. After seeing the pre-order bonus (50% off additional items) I decided to buy it.

Now, here's my stupid mistake. I thought that I was going to get a coupon code or something by email for 50% off something in the Telltale store. After looking for any kind of code or way to claim my pre-order bonus, I finally noticed on the main page that I was supposed to add whatever I wanted for 50% off in my shopping cart when I bought The Puzzle Agent. Well damn.

Is there any way to undo this stupid mistake of mine? :( I was looking forward to buying the Strong Bad Season Upgrade.

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