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  • This has got to be my favorite just out of sure amazingness. That is to say, if I could play the accordion half as good as this guy, I would do nothing else.

  • @Sailorcuteness said:

    Monkey Island Orchestra! Its from a video game concert apparently. without a doubt the greatest version of the theme I have ever heard in my entire life. It's filled with heart, mystery, and adventure, while conveying the innocence, enthusiasm, and naive childlike character that is Guybrush Threepwood. Seeing this play as the camera made it's way to Guybrush in the opening cutscene would feel like seeing an old friend again. I mean it's just so innocent.

    If I heard this in a Monkey Island game, I would expect a rip-roaring adventure both lighthearted yet amazing, with Guybrush seeing extraordinary things and overcoming overwhelming odds, while something about the tune also gives me the feeling that the story would be central to Guybrush and Elaine's relationship.

    This song just conveys everything about Monkey Island to you before you even play the game. I know I just ran on and on, but just...damn...I loved hearing that.

  • Wow, that was a very nice version of the Curse opening themes.
    I've searched for Monkey Island orchestrated music on youtube lots of times over the years without ever finding any, so this was very nice to hear :)

    The only thing I could nitpick a little about was that some of the original melody kinda got lost in this version. But then again this was an Interpretation of the themes so such things are to be expected.

  • Amazing! Thanks so much for posting. If there's ever gonna be a Monkey Island movie, we have the orchestra for the theme already. :D

  • @Laserschwert said: Although it's not Monkey Island, I still like THIS one.

    Is that real or sampled?

  • Yep, the Monkey Island tunes also often succeed in making me feel kind of leightweight, although i have to say that i don't like these classic meets rock and orchestra interprets video games music things at all.

    To me video games music is connected to the capabilities of the hardware the games were running on and so often to a certain sound as well. There exist some examples were interpretations are very well done, but these are more exceptions.

    Reyn Ouwehand made some great concerts. I really liked him at the breakpoint 08. For instance the Bubble Bobble tune, bad quality but don't know a better link right now:

    Here is a better and longer one:

  • Listening to it right now, and it's even on loop :)

    Truly amazing, and magical. I really love the MI tune and in orchestra it's even more fantastic :)

  • @MusicallyInspired said: Is that real or sampled?

    It's real. Played at the opening concert of the Game Convention 2007 in Leipzig.

  • @puzzlebox said: This tune always plasters a stupid grin onto my face. :D

    So true!! The theme tune has been my wake up alarm for years and even on the coldest wettest mornings I don't mind being woken up by it.

  • That's weird, I make sure I don't listen to the theme music too often, because I want each time I hear it to be special. I'm afraid if I hear it too often, it'll lose some of its awesomeness to me.
    Still, I put all the Monkey Island music I have on any device I have that can handle it :)

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