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Sam & Max: Culture Shock - Computer resets when entering new areas.

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This is totally ruining my Sam & Max euphoria. :( I started a new game, tried to leave the office—computer resets. Started a new game, got out on the street this time, tried to enter Bosco's—computer resets. I imagine this will continue happening for each new area. What could be the problem here?

P4 2.4Ghz HT
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
2x512MB PC3200 400Mhz
Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB

Despite the technical difficulties the game is really fun.

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  • Having the exact same problem with Situation: Comedy. It seems it only happens in full-screen mode, when windowed it doesn't crash at all, just runs a bit poorer.

  • I retract my previous statement; Whizzer turned completely grey and then the game crashed.

  • I fixed the problem on my PC...

    I was getting a crash to the desktop at scene transitions when I ran in fullscreen mode. I have a Dell with an ATI X1400. I upgraded my graphics drivers to the new 6.12 version. The game now runs without any problems, and I can even run it at a slightly higher resolution than before without slow or jerky graphics.

    The tricky part is that ATI won't let you download or install their standard drivers onto Dell PCs, and Dell hasn't come out with an updated custom driver since July. Normally in this situation I would get special custom drivers from Omega Drivers, but he's been awol since the 6.9 drivers. My final solution was to build custom .inf files for the ATI 6.12 drivers and then use the "update driver" Windows feature instead of the ATI installer.

    I see that now has custom ATI 6.12 drivers that should work on many different PCs, including Dells. I haven't ever tried these drivers, but it seems that many people use them.

    The proper fix in this situation would be to get Dell to release updated custom drivers, but I've tried to get them to do it in the past without any luck, just more aggravation.

  • Hmm, I had this problem in all Eps (1, 2 and 3) but in 3 I noticed that it might actually be related to the sound routines rather than the autosave. Every time the game crashed during a scene switch, I could briefly hear both the background music of the scene I was leaving and the background music of the one I was entering. At one particular time, I entered the casino and NO background music was playing at all ... sure enough a few seconds later I triggered a cutscene by using the one-armed bandit and the game crashed again (in the same fashion that it does when switching scenes). Might be worth a check to see whether the music playing routines leak memory or something...

  • If any of the folks who are having problems with restarts have minidump logs generated from them (c:\windows\minidump - look for files with recent dates), I would be happy to take a look at them if you can upload them. If you have 5 or so from the date(s) that you've been having crashes then this will help narrow the problem down even more.

    I have no idea how Vista handles crashes so I probably won't be able to help with anyone running it.

  • Thanks Emily! I had the same problem (windows restarted when entering new areas) and I simply installed the driver recommended in the support faq. Since then I encountered no problem at all and am happy to play the most enjoyable game in years.


  • @Killing Hands said: Ack, crashes for me too... :( ... So freakin' sad. I got the Raedon Mobility x300... When I try to update the driver from ATI's sites, it says I can't and that I have to go to Dell's sites to get the driver from there, but they only have the old release!

    Someone call Dell, my free support period is dead and gone ;) Shouldn't they put up new versions of the drivers as they are released by themselves though?

    There's "unofficial" third party drivers that fix this problem.

    Hopefully that'll help you.

  • I have a similair problem: The game crashes each time I try to switch Max's Head with Brady's Head in the Dream Scene, weher Sam trys to break free of Bradys Control.

    The error-message is:

    AppName: sam & max - culture shock.exe AppVer: ModName: t3.mll
    ModVer: Offset: 00185bd2

    I have the newest Drivers installed.
    DxDiag.txt is as a .zip file attached

    Thanks in advance

    edit : forgot to attach the dxdiag...

  • Hi Alsurag,

    If you'd like to send us a saved game right before this point, someone here can play through the spot where it's crashing, save, and send the save back to you.

    Either post it as an attachment here, or email it to (Not Support because our support ticket system would probably have trouble with the attachment.)

  • Sure Thing, here you are.

    Just attach max head to his body, and the game crashes.

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