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Free Game Coupon code

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users

As many of you guys have pre-ordered TOMI, as you know you get a free game coupn code, now i havent used mine yet, but since its just a code, i was wondering does it have to be used on a game, or can it be used on anything else within the store,cause i was thinking,if there is monkey island merchandise on telltale coming soon, then id rather use it on that

also does it have an expiry date? but if it has to be a game, what would you guys recommend, cause im new to the telltale site, and is it the full game you use with the coupon or just an episode, if so id perfer a hard copy sent out to me

phew so many questions - sorry guys, but just needed to know

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