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  • I also felt like cheating. I was telling myself hey this game doesn't need a hint system anymore with Future Vision. Future Vision IS the hint system! :D

    But it was nice for a change, it did have interesting parts like the start and the end.

  • @Catfish33 said: If you think about it the gag would've still worked without future vision.

    (player) Hmmm I need to get rid of ape.... Oh I'll try this... Here we go. Ooooh a cutscene hurray I did it! Oh wait.... LOL

    Future Vision just points you in the right direction is all. I could be wrong

    but then why would Sam pick up an old banana... I know I know I'm just sayin

    that was prolly the most clever use of future vision as misdirection.
    i thought to myself, banana plus hole? this is clear cut. i could not have been more wrong.

  • In the description for the Future Vision, it says something like "does it show what MUST happen or what CAN happen?"

    In my opinion, it shows possible futures, and you have the option to make them happen or to prevent them from happening, depending on whether you like them or not.

  • Nah, no cheating, it's part of the gameplay and a pretty good idea.

  • Hey no worries all I just forgot that people can tend to take things you say here very literally, which makes it difficult to be over the top. [also I had no problem with Kroms it was someone else I thought to be just a bit much, from this thread + another.]

    future vision=very fun & clever but could've used some toning down hintwise in some areas. My opinion.

  • So strange to have adventure game players say that it is the jokes that matter or the pacing/story that matters. Even at the cost of the puzzles. It's a bizarro-thread in places.

    The futurevision was often a secondary hint system that couldn't be turned off or simply not used. And that was, I felt, an overriding opinion/criticism on the first weekend after the episode was launched. I'm so glad to hear it's not in episode 2.

    But it feels quite natural to have the first episode be easy and to be essentially led through it. Games often start easy and get harder.

  • In some ways, FutureVision bugged me as it kept spoiling bits of the puzzles - I felt like I was being told the solution far more than I should be (especially with the pidgeon thing). I guess that was unavoidable given the nature of the power, but it slightly overstayed its novelty.

    Then again, it had some totally brilliant uses too, including the episode's awesome plot-twist, general misdirection, a few good jokes and moments where you had to change the future. So I've got mixed feelings about it - I loved it when it was abstract, but when it just showed the future...ehh.

  • my first time through I barely used future vision for that reason... I only used it to give myself some hints when needed (or where the game made the fact that they needed to be used painfully obvious)

    The last time I played it thou, I went nuts and looked at everything I could... multiple times during the course of the game :D

  • Max will have one of his dreams fulfilled in the game; he will turn giant. The Chrysler Building vision, the newspaper vision, even in the character line-up, they all point to one thing: Giant Max. Is it just me, or does this sound like Cloverfield? what with the speculations and hidden clues in promo pictures.

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