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References to Escape

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As with every Monkey Island game, Tales of Monkey Island has tons of references to its predecessors. However, while it's chock-full of callbacks to Secret, Revenge and Curse, Escape is often skimmed over or ignored; Morgan knows about all of Guybrush's adventures, except for that time he used a giant monkey robot to kill an evil Australian land developer, and Stan seems to have forgotten the time he spent hawking real estate (though he does mention Jambalaya Island), and Murray doesn't really go into why he quit working at Planet Threepwood.

Of course, I can understand why it was done this way, seeing as the game has its...fair share of problems. And rebooting the series back to its original style rather than continuing on in the direction Escape was heading in was definitely the best way to go.

Here are all the references to Escape from Monkey Island I found in Tales of Monkey Island:

-At the beginning, Elaine says "And now we're going to die. Again." Presumably, she's referring to Guybrush being buried alive in Curse and herself being declared legally dead in Escape, respectively. It's a very cryptic comment, mind you.
-The Ultimate Insult is on Guybrush's Cursed Cutlass of Kerflu recipe.
-Jambalaya Island is mentioned by Stan
-Guybrush's middle name is still Ulysses, or at least, it begins with a U.
-Guybrush mentions LeChuck's living statue form.

It would appear that only the most important events from Escape, involving Guybrush, Elaine, LeChuck and Stan, have carried over to Tales, and the rest of the game can be left vague. The only exception would be the stuff involving Herman Toothrot, which will probably never be touched apon and we'll most likely never see him again. :p

But anyway, does anyone know if anything else from Escape From Monkey Island is ever mentioned in Tales?

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