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What do you look like? (Post a Pic!)

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I was just posting to one of these on another forum and decided to post on here too when I was stunned to find there is not a thread on here for it! (and I searched! I searched through of 17 pages of results!)

So, very simple 1-5 pics of yourself per post, no double-posting pics (though if you want to post more you can at a later point. Please no photoshopping (except red-eye removal or brightness/contrast)

I'll go first


click for full-size view!

Ok, who's th next victem? I mean volunteer! ;)

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    @Will said: I actually recently got contacts for the first time since I was 15. It's a bit of a change, but so far I like them. Surprisingly, people don't seem terribly taken aback by my glassless face.

    You wore glasses?

  • @Avistew said: Yay! I'm not the palest person here!
    (You look nice).

    I'm the palest one here! Here's my picture:


  • I went on a picnic today.
    And the gates are open, now, MWAHAHAHA, also known as, I'm going to post more pictures because I enjoy posting them.

    We started off Turkish, with Turkish dolmades and a cucumber-tomato salad with a lemon and mint dressing (we consider it Turkish because we'd always order that at the Turkish place next to where we used to live).
    No pics of that, sorry.
    Then we had homemade fava bean falafels with homemade hummus and not-homemade baba ghannouj. I personally put some more of the salad in my pita too (we had plenty left).

    That's me eating it, and then having some ice tea (also homemade):


    Then Ian channeled his inner Luddite again when he tried to take a picture of the two of us. For some reason he zoomed in, here is one of the results (non-cropped):


    Then we had some (homemade) peach sorbet. Which was tasty (didn't really work hard on that one, just put a can of peaches through the blender then into the ice-cream maker):


    Then I posed just because:


    And here you go! I took more pictures but I didn't want it to be too picture heavy so I split them between here and the boobs thread.

  • Ooh, peach sorbet. Looks delicious!

    I made a weird version of peach ice last summer. I just chopped up peaches, and mixed them with water and froze them onto popsicle sticks. It was pretty good, but sorbet sounds better.

  • Peach Popsicles sound good too!
    I love sorbet, although I usually have either berry sorbet or citrus sorbet. Peach wasn't a first but it's not my usual.
    But as I said we were a bit lazy and just used canned peaches (in pear juice, so I guess it's a peach-pear sorbet?) instead of making something from scratch.

  • I would show my face but because there are web stalkers I picked the best likeliness I could...

  • Avistew, why is there a safety pin on your glasses?

    I guess it was attached to something in your picnic, and you put it there so you wouldn't lose it?

    Anyway, here's me attacking our "lawn":


  • There is a safety pin in my glasses because I keep walking on them. I ended up twisting the branch so much that there was no way it would hold on my head, so I decided to take pliers and ply it back into a better shape. But first I unscrewed it from the main part.
    I ended up using heat to manage to bend it back, at which point the hole where the screw is supposed to go stopped being aligned, so there was no way I could screw it back.
    So I put a safety pin in there.

    No I call it my painless piercing. I'm going to start a new fashion!

  • And no Pastis? Oh, well... :O)

    Btw regarding sorbet, what we sometimes do is mixing peppermint sirup with water, putting it into the fridge, waiting (that's the hardest part), using a Zauberstab, puring the fine crushed result into some glasses, adding a spoon or a straw or some fresh peppermint if available (but then maybe you could also mix a Mojito instead :O), whatever you prefer, et voilà a refreshing tasty result.

  • @Andrew Ryan said: There. I took this picture especially for you fine ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends.

    Your face is really greasy.

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