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A Question about Concept Art

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I was looking around for something nice to buy when I saw these:
which raised a question I've often wondered. I don't know if anyone from TellTale or a better artist then me can answer this, but its better to try.
How were these pictures drawn? Digtally or by hand? and using what materials? Since im having to draw concept art for my own game as part of my college course in Games Media, and the art and style for monkey island is for amazing. I'd love some tips from anyone who think they could help me

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  • From the hi-res pictures, they look like digital painting on pencil. Oh, and they're done by Ryan Jones, but uh.. I guess the store description already says that.

  • Most stuff like this is done in Photoshop or Corel Painter. By the looks of it I'd say its all done digital with a wacom
    Drawing it all digital is the fastes way but i'd say your best bet is to draw on paper first then paint it up in Photoshop. I did some stuff that way for my student film a few years back. you can see it on my blog if you like.
    I havent updated it in two years though

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