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Things to do in Maximus's mind - The Tomb of Sammun-Mak "Did You Try?" list!

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Just like the last one, this repeats itself. This Psychic walkthrough is shorter and less complicated;
Spoilers anyway.

For Previous Episode(s), go here:

[LIST]The Penal Zone, Alternate Thread

Psychic Powers:
[LIST]Charlie Ho-Tep = Psychic Ventriliquism: Like a comic holding a dummy, you may thrust your voice into any object, or person who is near you.[/LIST]
[LIST]Can O' Nuts = Fail-Proof Hiding Place: Snakes in a Can, or Bunny in a can... Doesn't matter unless you're in need of a quick hiding spot.[/LIST]
[LIST]Astral Projection = Past Vision: Future Vision is handy, but when needed this lets you view things that did, not can happen.[/LIST]

Using the Powers:

[LIST]Psychic Ventriliquism:
*The Beginning*
-Use on Sameth
-Use on Kringle
-Use on Anubis Statue (behind Maximus)
-Use on Yogg-Saggoth Statue (default)

*The Tomb*
-Use on Benny
-Use on Neffertiti(???)
-Use on Gramps
-Use on Amelia
-Use on Yogg-Saggoth Statue
-Use on Sameth 7 times
-Use on Guardians while the bust is in the slots, and when it's not

-Use on Sameth in Moles' Room
-Use on Neffertiti(???) in and out of the Moles' Room
-Use on The Mole Trunk
-Use on Benny
-Use on Jurgen while he's talking to Neffertiti
-Use on Jurgen while he's in front of the Sarcofacus
-Use on Sarcofascus while Jurgen's there
-Use on Slushie
-Use on Amelia once while she's sleeping, and once when Slushie is outside, and again when he's inside
-Use on knocked out Kringle
*The End*
-Use on Papierwaite in and out of the summoning circle
-Use on Sameth (Does the same it always does, but it gives you a close up of him without a hat)[/LIST]

[LIST]Can O' Nuts

-Use near Mole Woman
-Use in front of Kringle in Reel 1
-Use anywhere near Benny
-Use in Neffertiti's Chamber
-Use on "The Tongue of the Sphunx"
-Use in front of Amelia (Before and after you wake her)
-Use after you jam the "Doorways of Life & Death" with the bust
-Use before and after placing the milk or cookies on Kringle's tray[/LIST]

[LIST]Little Fun Bits:

Images in Maximus's Mind
*Sameth's Bowler Hat & Mustache*
-On any person, object, scattered out through the entire game[/LIST]

[LIST]Time to Die
*The Train*
-Before clicking on the "Box", use Can of Nuts
-Don't shut the child up

*The Tomb*
-Don't listen to the Old Mole, and touch the Toy Box
-When using "Bad Luck Curse", walk through the doors of Life and Death
-When entering Neffertiti's room, don't move and the snake will do the rest
-Walk in the Buriel Chamber without permission

*The End*
-Take to long to say the "Magic Words"
-Say the "Magic Words"[/list]


Special thanks to Dangerzone to pointing these out for us... Now hopefully that's all that I missed but until then... They Stole Max's Brain!

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