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No support @ support, request to BBB and lack of respect

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 578 users

1st off let me say ive been here from the beginning(fan wise) and have been a loyal fan and consumer.

Ive not received a reply about issues with a 100+ dollar order and im being ignored by the only 1-2 people that seem to have access to the support@ email address

Ive asked many questions about the order, as well as one concerning a previous order. Yet they always go unanswered.
Only 1 reply which answered only half a problem (the forum and sam n max being locked) still an issue)

so ive placed a complaint with the BBB but apparently you aren't apart of that.. odd.
also you are listed as a model hobby shop in san rafael.. again odd.. is that legal (you are a game company is that model/hobby? is this due to selling merch and toys?)

so unless someone would care to get back to me about my order here.. im going to open claims in paypal and or contact some supervisors via the phone or even come on in.

(dont worry its not a threat in the violent sense, just seems you guys WONT reply) and its about a FRIGGEN order...

and previous ones

ive posted in this forum, made 5 pm's and sent 7 emails to support@telltale .. only one reply back.. and it was
"what was the question again?" from bonnie

and this has been weeks, not just a day.. so forgive the anger but.. this is pretty insane from a business/consumer view much less a fan view.


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