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Found out why I didn't enjoy ToMi Soundtrack as much as the others

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Clint Bajakian didn't help composing it! Seriously! He made the entire Outlaws soundtrack which is one of my favorites ever, and I just recently found out he helped Michael Land with Escape and LeChuck's Revenge music, which are my favorites for the Monkey series.


Here comes the troll accusations

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  • Monkey Island soundtracks in order of my favorite to least favorite:
    [list][*]Curse of Monkey Island
    [*]Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
    [*]Tales of Monkey Island
    [*]Secret of Monkey Island
    [*]Escape from Monkey Island[/list]

  • @thin029 said: It doesn't make any sense FOR YOU actually, but it does for the other posters (besides ash). And I'm not insulting anyone.

    Hey now, I was just making sure you wern't having a placebo effect, just because you saw Clint's name, you automatically liked it all, by finding out which ones you did like proved that you felt more for Clint's work in the game.

  • Great! Everyone think it makes sense then! Sorry ash

  • Good idea, Felton. My ranking, from favorite to least favorite:

    [list][*]Tales of Monkey Island
    [*]Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
    [*]The Secret of Monkey Island
    [*]Curse of Monkey Island
    [*]Escape from Monkey Island[/list]

    I'm curious to know if TOMI is anyone else's FAVORITE score so far. It's a very tough call for me, admittedly ... with time and distance, MI2 may regain the top spot. But TOMI is just cinematic as all get-out. It has such terrific thematic development and integrity ... and I find the incidental music on par with the first two games in terms of memorability, and a notch above COMI and EMI. With SOMI, MI2 and now especially TOMI, I can just cue up the files and play them beginning to end without really getting bored. That's not the case for COMI and EMI, in spite of the live instruments (although both have terrific cutscene music, and "Rollercoaster of Death" is a masterpiece). Anyway ... it's a minority opinion, I know.

  • @Admonisher said: Anyway ... it's a minority opinion, I know.

    We both are! :)

    I don't know what the problem is with this soundtrack. Many people complain of the lack of real instruments, but that doesn't make the quality of the music any worse. The thing here is that, as I see it, in the first two games there weren't any voiceovers so you could appreciate the music almost without anything else covering it.
    And then came CMI, which not only had the novelty of voiceovers, but also of real instruments. That's why I think a lot of people have this one in a very high pedestal.
    EFMI hasn't got anything really memorable for me, apart from the Melee Island music (which curiously was composed by Land).
    But TOMI is in another whole level for me. Sure, it started kinda weak with the first episode, but also the episode itself was pretty weak. And then came episode 2, with its amazing swashubuckling music. Listen to "The Swordfight" of "The Screaming Narwhal" and tell me if that doesn't make you want to become a pirate! That's something none of the others soundtracks have: A level of epicness.
    And chapter 4 and 5 are probably the best work Land has composed in his entire carrer. Chapter 4 is dramatic and epic at the same time, and chapter 5 feels like a horror score, which is something we hadn't had since LCR.

    Sorry for the long post, but that's why I think. And this comes from a collector of film music, if that makes my post any more better.

  • Well, this is my ranking:

    LeChuck's Revenge
    Curse of Monkey Island
    Tales of Monkey Island
    Secret of Monkey Island / Escape from Monkey Island

  • The Tales music was definitely a step down from 1-3. It sounded like a bland imitation, even if it was still Land.

  • It wasn't until recently that I really paid attention to the Tales Soundtrack and I notice that it seems... I dunno how to describe it, it feels less smooth than the others? Listen to all the openings from the games closely, the ToMI soundtrack doesn't have the same quality as the others:

    I doubt TellTales had the same budget as LucasArts and I realize they didn't have real instruments for the sound track but even if you compare the first MI theme with ToMI, something feels a tad off. Its not bad, but I almost feel like they just remixed the CMI theme with synthesized instruments when instead they should have just worked with what tools they had and put their own twist on it. I was also surprised to notice EfMI's theme is near identical to CMI with the exception that they added another channel and a couple more instruments.

    Sorry went off on a tangent about the theme songs... As for the rest of the tracks I felt they were okay and more often than not suited the atmosphere. During the darker parts of the game I felt the music had a haunting quality to it that I remember more than the rest.

  • I reiterate:

    @Chyron8472 said: I think the reason why some of you don't think ToMI's music is as memorable is because you haven't had between 10 and 20 years to let it grow nostalgia on you yet.

  • @Admonisher said: Anyway ... it's a minority opinion, I know.

    @Admonisher said: We both are! :)

    Well I agree with both of you, I thought the music was really good.

    Good example is All Hands on Deck, when I listen to that track I can just hear the trouble, and that something is wrong. And then watching Guybrush fighting his own hand, makes the track, the feelings it brings to you and what is really going on come together.

    The same for the Fight Theme on LeChuck's ship, added to the feelings of terror and sadness for Guybrush as he is fighting for his life.

    And that is how the tracks is supposed to work, add to the mood that is going on :)

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