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Wow, ep2. [spoilers]

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Wow, is mostly all I can say. I feel this episode is basicly the height of all that TTG has given us so far.

It's smooth, tons of stuff to explore, extremely interesting and captivating storyline, lots of interaction, all locations are easy accessible, all puzzles makes sense, none of the old annoying characters took part of the story and you added some new ones that it is tons of fun interacting with.

I can't be more satisfied. This was a really, really, really solid performance. Job well done.

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  • @GuruGuru214 said: I wasn't crazy about Baby Amelia Earhart, but she didn't get on my nerves either. One thing did bother me, though. If I remember correctly, that's two characters from previous episodes appearing in the past (Amelia and Jurgen, unless Kringle actually went on to become Santa later on) who didn't recognize Sam and Max in the present, despite the strong family resemblance.

    Yeah, I did think that. Wouldn't really bother me for baby Amelia (I mean, do you remember people you met when you were a baby?) but you'd think Jürgen would remember Sameth and Maximus considering all they've done to him. And giant dogs and rabbits are rare enough that he should be sure to make a connection.

    Then again, I though I didn't remember for certain that he didn't and would have to play Night of the Raving Dead again.

  • I'm pretty sure he didn't. For example, in Beelzebub, he was only upset with them for what they'd done to him recently (the whole ruining his spirit business and sending him to hell thing) and didn't seem to be holding a grudge against them at all for what their ancestors did to him, which is something he seems like the type to do.

    Anyway, I wonder Jurgen's appearance in 302 combined with Satan's remark at the end of 205 makes me wonder if we'll be seeing more of Jurgen and Satan at some point during The Devil's Playhouse. It wouldn't surprise me if even after being sent to hell, Jurgen was still trying to free Yog-Sogoth.

  • I'd be surprised because Jurgen looked like he was enjoying himself working in Hell and climbing the corporate ladder by way of waiting for power shake ups (unlike Harry, who lost his job as the Grim Reaper because of said power shake up).

  • Except that we never saw how he was affected by the Soda Poppers' coup being foiled and Satan taking power back. Also, we don't know how strong his affiliation with Yog-Sogoth is. Plus, Satan might get in on this Toys of Power thing and drag Jurgen along for the ride.

    On the other hand, we have no idea what Jurgen was up to in the 106 years between 1902 and 2008, so he may have already removed himself from the whole thing.

  • It doesn't have to make that much sense.

    Besides, 100 years is long enough to forget anyone, even a talking moustachio'd dog and a hyperkinnetic rabbity thing ;)

  • Pretty much the only glaring flaw I had in my experience (and I'm sure somebody else has mentioned this somewhere) is that by the time I had searched Jurgen and Santa's rooms on the train, I had already gotten the dad moleman to turn off his green curse, so it was really jarring when it suddenly and unexplainedly showed up again in order to let me finish the reel.

    I thought the whole timey-wimeyness of it was explained very well by the fact that Max psychic'd the projector, and I liked all the different ways you could die.

  • I had another thought about Jurgen. If he really doesn't come back, that would make his appearance in 302 largely throw-away, even if it does explain his backstory. I mean at least Kringle had a reason to be involved and was actively shown vying for the Devil's Toybox. Jurgen, on the other hand, shows up as a bas-relief and disappears as soon as you free him, and then on the train he's just sort of there until you turn him into a vampire and remove him as a suspect. And all we get for his motivation is a vague reference to Yog-Sogoth. No, I think that if they were going to include him in 302 in that way, they're almost certain to bring him back later in the season.

  • @Alcoremortis said: However, the joke that made me laugh the hardest was when Kringle says he was going to throw Sam and Max in the insanity car. Followed by Max asking, "There's an insanity car?" in a hopeful tone.
    This was mainly because right before Max's line, I asked out loud (in a hopeful tone) "There's an insanity car?":D

    Maybe I wasn't paying much attention (in which case, shame on me!), but where exactly does Kringle say that? I don't think I heard that joke...

  • I really liked hopping back and forth between 4 different time zones, using one setting to work out solutions in another. Also loved some of the wacky happenings: being turned into a hiroglyph, max being a cow, etc.
    Only thing that was lost from the first episode was the feeling of gathering toys. Gaining abilities. In this one you could skip to reel 3 and see what they're all like. I guess that's hard to avoid with the whole timey wimey thing though.

  • I admit, the idea of solving a early reel by jumping ahead to a later reel to learn the answer is really unique, and great. And I really liked the old-timey locations, music, designs of Samus & Maximus, and other characters were very good.

    I know I keep saying this every game TTG releases, but "It looks like Telltale Games has really out done themselves". Nice work, keep it up!

    Also, for me, I think the best moment for me was when Kringle tried to open the test tomb gate and was knocked down, I had to stop and listen to the huge Rant Kringle says to the elves when he fell down...oh man I was rolling.

    Man, I'll never looks at Santa the same way again.

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