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Questions about ep. 2/ Paperweight didcussion

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These are just some things I'm not sure about. Spoilers bound.

At the end, when Paperwaite Is forced to say the summoning words, shouldnt yog Soggoth have been summoned? The summon was complete wasnt it?

And on the note of Paperwaite, Probably the worst villain of any S&M game. And know that I loved ep.2 greatly. But he was never around so we barely interacted with him, and the twist ending for him was unnecessary. I would like to have seen the film stop after the questions were answered on stage, then the films cuts out. Maybe S&M find him at the old theater and it turns out he has gone apeshit due to prolonged exposure to the toy box.

Did i miss an entire section of the game? When Sammus and maximus are walking into the tomb, they make reference to tricking baby Almeia into running twords a mirage to get her off their backs. I never did this event. Is their a chunk of game missing?

Thats all I can think of

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