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A thought that hit me while in the shower

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For no particular reason, I was thinking about the singing puzzle aboard the Sea Cucumber in Curse of Monkey Island when I made a sudden connection in my head. Something about how Guybrush told them to stop with that annoying rhyming. I realized that Cutthroat Bill, Edward van Helgen, and Haggis McMutton share an unusual parallel to three notable characters in the film The Princess Bride.

Before I am drowned out by cries of "Inconceivable!" just hear me out. Bill is a murderous rogue obsessed with money, not unlike Vizzini. Van Helgen is a duelist who has trained his body so that it would never be bested by another man, similar to Inigo Montoya. And Haggis, the gigantic bruiser whose main asset is his abominable strength (process of elimination on who he resembles).

Has this connection been made by others in the past? Does it sound valid? Or should I start seeing a specialist?

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