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Guilty Pleasures

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List 'em guise!! My particular vices are

The Cleveland Show: I really should know better

Microwaveable Donor Kebabs: Eating one of these bad boys presents as much of a social stigma as wearing a bell around your neck. Half a days calories ingested in 3 minutes flat. Yummers!

Chris De Burgh: I may as well be a middle-aged woman drunk on gin crying away with mascarra running down my face

No doubt i'll think of many many more. But what are your particular shameful loves?

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  • ...hamburger helper. Its like a childhood comfort food to me.

  • Whining, moaning, complaining, and annoying about TF2; any recent updates, the horrible drop system, ugly hats etc.

    I shouldn't but I do. So satisfying.

  • Mine is music I have no business liking. I'll say exactly what music if/when I work up the nerve.

    Also, Kim Possible for some reason, though that's one I hardly ever indulge.

  • @GuruGuru214 said: Mine is music I have no business liking. I'll say exactly what music if/when I work up the nerve.

    We won't judge (much). Do tell. :D To soften the blow, I'll share one: I enjoy not one, not two, but THREE Ace of Base songs. :o

  • I'm like that only in the respect that IT GETS STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL THE DANG TIME!

  • I'm definitely not going to make the mistake to google a song that's apparently that addictive.

    I'm trying to find more audiostuff to listen to while knitting. They're called "saga MP3" in French but I have no clue about the English name. You know, like webcomics, only audio.
    Anyway, trying to find more of these to follow, I got a SD card just for them for my MP3 player and it's not nearly full!
    Also, I'm slowly typing up my knitting patterns so I can have them as ebooks on my reader. Need to get a hold of a scanner someday so I can keep the pictures too, as they can be useful.
    Talking about this made me realise I still haven't added table of contents to most of my omnibus ebooks (likem all volumes of one series in a single ebook, or collections of short stories, things like that), which I'll have to finally get to doing. The earlier I can remember how to, the better, since I'll definitely need a TOC for pattern ebooks.

    Oh, and I'm having a lot of trouble finding audio version of stand up comedy. What happened to that? I used to have lots, surely they're still available somewhere!

    I'm also thinking that between my sagas, speeches, comedian routines, audiobooks, radioplays, etc, etc, I'd never survive if I had to use one of these "shuffle only" players.
    Heck, even for opera and stuff that wouldn't be very practical.

    EDIT: oops, for some reason I thought this was the "whatever's on your mind" thread. Sorry.

  • I own and enjoy all three High School Musical movies. Not planning to do that with High School Musical 4 though as it lacks the original cast.

  • Mine is watching Glee~
    And eating chocolate, especially because I'm allergic to caffeine.

  • I'm currently downloading all three seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

    For that matter, I still have a huge box full of all my old toys from the first four Power Rangers series.

    How old am I, again?

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