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Thank you Monkey Island Fans

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I always feel nervous about making a new thread, I don’t know why but I guess it’s because I put high expectations on my self, and just want to look cool like all other forum posters. (Don’t even know why I have that thought).

But anyway, I think this time I will relax and just go with the flow.

So what I want to do is what the thread name suggests, I want to thank you all in here for being Monkey Island fans.
I don’t have any friends who is as big a Monkey Island fan as I have just become. I have gotten 3 people to play ToMI, they enjoyed it but they are not as excited about it as I am, but then again maybe I am just an over excited person, but there is not really anything wrong with that :p

I must admit though that my fan status only started just recently (As I have just joined the forum this year).
I saw my brother play Curse of Monkey Island many years ago when I was about 10 or so, and later I watched him play Escape from Monkey Island when I was 13. But that was it, and I just slowly forgot about it. Then just recently I was bored and wanted to do something, so I watched some Let’s Plays on Youtube, and the Monkey Island series just happened to pop in to my mind, I watched them all from 1 to 4. After that I saw Tales and I watched it quite far and I thought it was very funny, and then my Boyfriend suggested I should buy it if I liked it so much, so I did.
After that I was instantly hooked, and I never regret buying it. Childhood memories came back, and I started to become a real fan, and started to regret that I have missed out on something so great as this all these years.
I only have ToMI so far, but in the near future I will buy SoMI:SE and when it comes out this summer, LR:SE.
I bought the Deluxe Edition of ToMI so I am waiting for the DVD and all the extra goodies, and I bought the Voodoo Cards. And when the finances allows I will buy a T-Shirt, the Mug and all the Buttons. And if anything extra comes out, I will buy that as well.

So yeah, in a short time I have become a huge fan, and just wanted someone to talk to about it, who feel the same way I do.
And this forum gives me exactly that, friendly Monkey Island Fans. It’s so great to have a place to share thoughts and excitement, when the real world don’t offer you those opportunities. So nice to know you are not alone :p

Oh and here at the end of my post I want to thank Wolfstar27, after just about 40 posts and you want to be my friend.
Just means that my achievement for coolness on a forum (Don’t know why that is important to me) is going somewhere, I have never had forum friends before, I feel so giddy :p

Ok I will stop my rant now before I embarrass my self, but again thank you people for being Monkey Island fans :)

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