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E-mail notification of new episodes

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So I check my inbox every day waiting for that special message from Telltale about the new Sam and Max episode. Today I think, 'The month is nearly over, it *has* to be available'. So I check the site and, sure enough, it's available.

I know I didn't turn off e-mail notification of new episodes on purpose. Also, I can't seem to find a setting in my profile/settings that will enable or disable such a thing. What gives?

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  • Yeah, same with 301, email arrived like 6 hours after the release.

    So come join us in the F5 frenzy next month around ;).

  • I believe TTG stagger the notifications to even the load on their servers. But if you don't get a mail at all, perhaps it's being spam binned somewhere along the line?

  • Now that I think of it, I did have to resubscribe to the newsletter (during the latter part of ToMI's run) so you might want to check on your subscription settings, though I don't believe that should affect the release notification email. Spam filter's a more likely culprit.

  • I usually get my notification shortly after I installed the new episode. Since we know the release date at least a few days in advance, I check the download links every time I visit this site on that date.
    @jp-30 said: I believe TTG stagger the notifications to even the load on their servers.How about torrenting the episodes, then? Should lower their traffic quite a bit. ;)

  • Havn't received my e-mail notification for 302 yet (I did receive them all for TMI and 301)

  • I tend to find out about new episodes via TTG's twitter, then their blog, then the personal email, and finally the newsletter.

    So there's no excuse not knowing :) But yeah, if your emails are never arriving, you may want to get that fixed, otherwise you miss out on some special offers like the Bundle deal coupon that subscribers were sent a few weeks ago.

  • I got mine every time. Usually they arrive a few hours after the episodes have been released. A no brainer if you don't have the time to play immediately, otherwise you better keep an eye on the forum/your account.

  • I don't need the email, seeing as I spend a minimum of 5 hours a day on the forums

  • I didn't receive an e-mail for 302 (I received e-mails for 301 and TMI), so I posted about it to Shopping or Activation Support forum. David E. answered and said that he has suspicion that some notification e-mails have been sent accidentally to wrong people.

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    Just want to say that I also didn't receive an email for episode 302. I just thought maybe there was an extended gap between the first couple of episodes, like there has been in the past. So I finally give in and check the website today to find 302 was released a month ago, and that 303 is almost upon us!

    On the plus side, I now have two episodes to gorge on in one month :D

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