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Omecay oninnay, the atterway's Inefay!

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Come on in, the water's fine!

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  • Youway ustjay ostlay eThay ameGay.

  • @Snicklin said: Youway ustjay ostlay eThay ameGay.

    Uckfay ouyay.

  • @The Gentleman said: Uckfay ouyay.

    Uetray atthay

  • Vfgunl vfjnl ngjunl nccrafunl rajunl bhlnl hgcnl Vtcnl Ngvaynl naqjnl Nrfnepnl Vcurepnl!

    (Utbay aybemay atthay's away itbay ofway anway overkillway...)

  • @Slowpoke said: Vfgunl vfjnl ngjunl nccrafunl rajunl bhlnl hgcnl Vtcnl Ngvaynl naqjnl Nrfnepnl Vcurepnl!

    (Utbay aybemay atthay's away itbay ofway anway overkillway...)

    Igpay Atinlay Onlynay, Anksthay. Inay On'tday Standundernay Younay

  • Itway isway Igpay Atinlay, onlyway... incrementedway.

  • eoplepay houldsay tuffsay inay igay atinlay oremay.

  • this thread should be closed and all participants needs to burn.

  • Geggo jeggump eggoff egga cleggiff.

  • Ourfay orescay andway evensay earsyay agoway, ourway athersfay oughtbray orthfay onway isthay ontinentcay away ewnay ationnay, oncievedcay inway ibertylay, andway edicatedday otay ethay opositionpray atthay allway enmay areway eatedcray equalway.

    Ownay eway areway engagedway inway away eatgray ivilcay arway, estingtay etherwhay atthay ationnay, orway anyway ationnay, osay onceivedcay andway osay edicatedday, ancay onglay endureway. Eway areway etmay onway away eatgray attlebay-eildfay ofway atthay arway. Eway avehay omecay otay edicateday away ortionpay ofway atthay eildfay, asway away inalfay estingray aceplay orfay osethay owhay erehay avegay eirthay iveslay atthay atthay eatgray ationnay ightmay ivelay. Itway isway altogetherway ittingfay andway operpray atthay eway ouldshay oday isthay.

    Utbay, inway away argerlay ensesay, eway ancay otnay edicateday, eway ancay otnay onsecratecay, eway ancay otnay allowhay isthay oundgray. Ethay avebray enmay, ivilnglay andway eadday, owhay uggledstray erehay, avehay oncecratedcay itway, arfay aboveway ourway oorpay owerpay otay addway orway etractday. Ethay orldway illway ittlelay otenay, ornay onglay ememberray atwhay eway aysay erehay, utbay itway ancay evernay orgetfay atwhay eythay idday erehay. Itway isway orfay usway ethay ivinglay, atherray, otay ebay ediatedday erehay otay ethay unfinishedway orkway ichwhay eythey owhay oughtfay erehay avehay usthay arfa osay oblynay advancedway. Itway isay atherray orfay usway otay ebay edicatedday otay ethay eatgray asktay emainingray eforebay usway atthay omfray esethay onoredhay eadday eway aketay increasedway evotionday otay atthay ausecay orfay ichwhay eythay avegay ethay astlay ullfay easuremay ofway evotionday, atthay eway erehay ighlyhay esolveray atthay esethay eadday allshay otnay avehay iedday inway einvay, atthay isthay ationnay, underway Odgay, allshay avehay away ewnay irthbay, ofway eedomfray andway atthay overnmentgay ofway ethay eoplepay, ybay ethay eoplepay, orfay ethay eoplepay, allshay otnay erishpay omfray ethay earthway.

    - Abrahamway Incolnlay

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