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17$ shipping for Europe is crazy

posted by viper1701 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users

Hi Telltale,

I'm an old customer who bought almost every single game since you started...

However I must say I'm very disappointed with the shipping cost for one freaking DVD sent to Europe (France in my case)

17$ for one DVD ? really ?

For comparison Amazon is charging 6$ for a dvd and very little more if you add one or two more.

I mean USPS is not even that good, it took weeks to receive Wallace & Gromit.

I'm sure there are less expensive shipping method, specially for telltale customers who receive this DVD as a "gift" and who probably don't mind waiting for a few weeks to receive their games (considering they can always download the digital version).

I hope you will be able to change this because this 17$ fee is really transforming the gift into a curse...

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