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Will TT Engine be capable to render photorealistic graphic?

posted by Bloody Eugene on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users

I'm worried that the TT Engine will not be able to deliver high-end graphic that fully respect the high visual standard that the Jurassic Park brand needs. The movie was a milestone about this, but will the TT graphic engine be capable to render lights effects, enough polygons and detailed textures that the project needs?
When JP will be out, another game will be realeased and, although it's a different genre, it will set the graphic standard: i'm talking of Crysis 2.
How will it compare to JP?

The last photorealistic game TT did was CSI: Hard Evidence and although it has clean and nice graphic, it cannot compete with nowadays standards:

One of the two is Crysis 2... ;)

Of course all I've said is completely unnuseful if the plan is to release JP for Wii given its old hardware and its crappy and anachronistic 40mb limit...

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  • @taumel said: Dr. Nucleus's assitent: Finally, we've succeeded and as expected we can confirm that also adventure gamers can be turned into visual dependants!

    Don't give me that crap, I just played a regular old gameboy game an hour ago for craps sake.
    I just want the game to be as good as it can be.
    And as I've said I think these new properties lend themselves to a realistic art style. If you want a crappy looking game then by all means wish for that.

  • @Santar said: I think Jurassic Park deserves something more than the dated graphics of the CSI games.

    Maybe there indeed exist people who think it's reasonable beeing kind of afraid of that an upcoming game will have the same gfx like a more than 2 years old product.

    Maybe, these people look like, this:


  • @PariahKing said: You're kidding yourself if you expect to compare anything Telltale produces to Crysis.

    That's not what Telltale is about.

    I never said that. I was just stating a possibility. I fully expect them to catch up to at least 2006-2007 graphics sometime soon with these games....or at least it's certainly possible for them to attain that level of detail. There's nothing to prevent it.

  • I somehow doubt the engine is the problem, its rather their target audience, if you look with past release, They target people with mid / low end pc.

    I mean afterall if we want photorealistic, i mean Telltale can properly borrow Crysis engine. :) But i think that will someone narrow their target audiences quite a bit xD

  • If the episodes are downloadable, which seem almost certain, there are considerations with model polygons and texture compression to keep the file size down.

  • Also depends, as a) an engine's capabilities don't add much to the filesize and b) generative algorithms for the rescue in terms of tiny media sizes like for instance textures and music. Remembering the meanwhile over six year old .kkrieger?

    Reminds me, that i'm still addicted to the .detuned song. :O)

  • I don't think file size is that big of an issue anymore. Steam games can come to 9GB+ to download them completely. But of course, there's that targeted audience problem. Some of these guys still run on dial-ups, for crying out loud.

  • I would less count on Steam but all the movie sites. Those Blu-Ray rips in MKV containers aren't this small as well. Anyway with the proper technology it is possible to deliver large content also with a reasonable filesize.

  • Hopefully they will do Maniac mansion someday if its possible to get a hold of the licens well or make a deal with Lucas Arts over whoever holds it.

  • Actually, I kind of think it'd be more fitting for LucasArts to make a new Maniac Mansion game themselves. As a way to reintroduce the genre to fans (and reintroduce themselves as well), seeing as Maniac Mansion was LucasArts' first adventure hit. This would also work out with my theory more that it would be better to have a Maniac Mansion 3 than a Day of the Tentacle 2.

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