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1001 Seasons of Sam&Max

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If we write now the plot for the next Seasons for Sam&Max TellTale can produce them faster.I will start with the episode title and the first episode.
Than i will post the title for the next episode and the next poster will create the summary of its plot and the title for the next episode.The poster of episode 5 will post the title and theme for the next season too.

Season 400: For Justice
Theme: Everyone but Sam&Max gains superpowers

Episode 401: Origin Story
A explosion shakes the town.During their investigation Sam and Max find out that it was the control unit of Mama Boscos quantum generator and that the must rebuild it before the generator overheats,because nobody knows what will happen than.After much stealing and improvising they will restore it ,only to have it destroyed by the returning Bosco.The town is bathed into green light,but it didn't affects Sam&Max,because of Max unique brain structure and Sams protection helmet.The episode ends with Bosco lifting a huge labequipment from his mom.

Episode 402: The Max Signal

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  • 506 minus 3: The Sandyman Can

    Sam finds himself suddenly back out of the dream having been saved for Benjamin Harios but doesn't know what has happened. He succeeds in capturing Harry Moleman and saving Flint quickly.

    They all return to the office where they receive a mysterious message from Satan who wants a certain treasure belonging to the billionare Andorias. Sam and Flint torture Harry to learn where Flint is but he claims to have been tricked and set up by the Sandman. None of them know who the Sandman is.

    Meanwhile in Hell, Max meets up with Benjamin Harios and the two fight back against Laurence Fishburn. Satan eventually re-captures them both and takes them up to the surface with him.

    Sam, Flint and Harry infiltrate Andorias' mansion but Flint is captured and Harry proves his loyalty by saving him. They steal the treasure and after a confrontation with Andorias in which they trap him in his own spike pit, they leave the mansion victorious.

    However, in a shock twist, Flint Paper betrays Sam and Harry, revealing that he and Grandpa Stinky have been searching for the treasure. In the episode cliffhanger, we see Sam and Harry dodging bullets as Satan, Benjamin Harios and Max rise from the ground, followed by an angry Laurence Fishburn.

    Episode 506 minus 2: The Diabolical Machine of Mr Stinky

  • The machine is a fish bone and stinky is a robot in disguise.

    Episode 601: Rise of sammun-makk.

  • Sammun-Mak rises infuriated by the end to the previous season and demands the jaden551 should go back and finish it properly before moving on.

    506: jaden551 finishes Season 5 properly

  • 506:
    The giant robotic machine rises over the city whilst sam and max sit in their office...
    They ponder what they should do and realise that the machine is a TELEVISION! They scour the city to find some way to turn it off and the world is saved.

  • 601: the ham sandwich of death

    Sam and Max find a ham sandwich which actually contains cheese. they set out to hunt down the villain responsible for the crime and discover that it is jaden551!

    602: the death of jaden551

  • sam and max travel all the way to england to find the one responsible for last month's tragedy they find it it was all a lie by THE HIGHWAY!!!"

    Episode 603: Australian Blues

  • Sam and Max hunt down and confront theHighway to discover that he is leading an army of giant sandwiches against Telltale Games to try and find the copy of 304.

    604: At Telltale HQ

  • Sam and max travel back to america after 2 months of searching the globe to find california is very diferent than their own world.
    They then get sucked into a computer,as part of secturity because they broke in at night, and have to redo snipits of their old adventures. It closes with them finally breaking out and a face off between three teams;
    The highway
    Smam and max

    and telltale

    Episode 605:
    Fight for your right to game

  • 605: Fight for your right to game

    In the final episode, theHighway dies when he is shot by BQF. Sam and Max are imprisoned by Telltale who plan to end the franchise at the end of the sixth season.
    Sam and Max escape and attempt to blow up Telltale HQ but Telltale has programmed the game so that they fail.
    Sam and Max reprogram the real world in exchange so that Telltale do make a seventh season.
    After the credits, we see theHighway is still alive and has returned to Australia

    701: The Sam and Max Clip Show

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