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1001 Seasons of Sam&Max

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If we write now the plot for the next Seasons for Sam&Max TellTale can produce them faster.I will start with the episode title and the first episode.
Than i will post the title for the next episode and the next poster will create the summary of its plot and the title for the next episode.The poster of episode 5 will post the title and theme for the next season too.

Season 400: For Justice
Theme: Everyone but Sam&Max gains superpowers

Episode 401: Origin Story
A explosion shakes the town.During their investigation Sam and Max find out that it was the control unit of Mama Boscos quantum generator and that the must rebuild it before the generator overheats,because nobody knows what will happen than.After much stealing and improvising they will restore it ,only to have it destroyed by the returning Bosco.The town is bathed into green light,but it didn't affects Sam&Max,because of Max unique brain structure and Sams protection helmet.The episode ends with Bosco lifting a huge labequipment from his mom.

Episode 402: The Max Signal

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