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  • To me, Sam looked shocked and hurt about the "pile of trash" thing. I think he's too shocked to be angry if that makes sense. Maybe he gets angry afterwards though.

  • I'd just like to point out that it's true that Ancient Egyptians threw away the brain as garbage (they didn't store every organ in canopic jars, just the important ones), and that there weren't any Molemen in Ancient Egypt either. I'm willing to let the inaccuracies slide if you guys are ;)

    But how did Skun k'ape get out?

  • I also want to know how Skun-ka'pe got out. I was disappointed to learn he was maybe in it, but when I saw him in the trailer, he might be better in this episode! Oh and about the brain Sam uses on Max? When I first heard it, it reminded me of that girl mole in episode 2. I know its not her, though.

    I can't wait for this episode, and Sam looks awesome! The atmosphere is great too, the opening seems really sad for Sam. I hope this episode is funny in bits, but it might be almost all serious. 6 more days to find out...

  • The more I think about it, the more I'd be surprised if the brain was anybody other than Sammun-Mak's. Sammun-Mak is obviously psychic, and the brain is obviously psychic...

  • Plus the brain has a British accent, and Sammun-Mak would ... have ... okay, maybe it's the King of Jordan? (Again, I go for the painfully obvious joke.)

    Seriously though, I love Sammun-Mak's voice. The actress really does make him sound like a little boy, and he sounds so adorable, too! The actors really are doing a great job in this episode and Puzzle Agent, I have to say :)

  • Damn, these things always appear when I don't have time to watch them!

  • Wow, this trailer looks awesome! It's gonna be fun to play as Noir Sam in a Noir detective adventure! :D The humor seems to still be there and as funny as ever.

    One thing that worries me is that Max might not be in the game as much as before ( I mean of course Max + his brain). It's one thing when some of the secondary characters doesn't make an appearance, like Bosco's absence from Night of the Raving Dead for instance. But without Max, one of the main characters, who will be there to crack us up (little buddy)? It just won't feel the same with Sam minus Max (and vice versa) in a Sam & Max adventure. But then again, this is the whole point of this new episode's dark turn.

    Oh well, I'm sure the episode will still be great! I can't wait for the release! :D

  • I know some people are worried about the comedy in this episode, but Sam backhanding (he backhanded a small rat and hit two molemen with the same blow!) and threatening to shoot everyone that he met was comic gold! Especially him holding the gun at Carol, who doesn't seem to be sentient like the other C.O.P.S., and shouting "Stop holding out on me!"

  • The thing I love is he appears to have a kind of slapping for every kind of size.

  • I've had an idea (just after I made a comment, I didn't have time to add this).

    I don't think Skun-ka'pe will have stolen Max's brain or anything, I think he will be in the cliffhanger. Maybe it ends with him escaping? I was just wanting to say that and see if anyone thinks different.

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