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Adventure Game Reviewers Needed!

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Adventure Click Review

I have recently set up a new forum specifically for Ratings Reviews and information on Point N Click & Quest Adventure Games, from past and present

I know there are many Adventure Game Websites out there, but personally I find them to be a clutter of links and popups. When the information is presented in a forum A-Z format It becomes much easier to navigate and find games that you wouldnt have normally. I recently found 2 games that have been out for years and I was astonished that I'd not seen them sooner, which has inspired me to create this forum.

So Im looking for serious mature Adventure Game reviewers who can say more than ' It was a good game'

I would prefer that reviewers had played the game recently and review while its still fresh in mind, despite the fact that you may have played the game 20 years ago and hated it, a fresh bowl of perspective may give you a new outlook on life. What better reason to replay leisure suit larry or kings quest?

Keep Reviews simple and to the point;

Animations & Visuals?
Sounds, Voices & Music?
Gameplay & Overall Enjoyment
and dont forget to rate the poll

Avoid spoilers if possible and use spolier tags if needed
Be Honest but Fair

Theres LOTS of games(and Images) to be added to the forum, but for now Im the only one who can Add games to the lists, members can Only respond with reviews, Only register if you want to be a reviewer.

I have added all of the Telltalle Games ready for reviews. If your currently playing an Adventure game and would like to review it when your done , tell me in this thread and I will add it to the list. I have also added links for 'freeware' games eg. Beneath a Steel Sky, Flight Of The Amazon Queen

As well as Offical Point N Click Adventure Quests there are many great Fan Made remakes and Games Made with Adventure Game Studio, WinterMute and eventually Dage Engine

Any suggestions let me know here


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