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PS3 Trophy Ch. 2 Tips

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Ok, I just finished the 2nd Chapter of 'Tales of Monkey Island' for PS3 and there were 2 trophies that gave me some trouble. I just managed to get them on my 3rd try (now that I realized what I missed on my 2nd) and I want to share what I learned to you all.

For the two in question: 1) 'Meals Fit for a King...Queen...Whatever' You have to give the MerLeader every kind of bait. Its easy enough, just give Baluga the Fish Eggs, the Glowing Worms, AND the Oyster BEFORE you open it for the pearl. (I didn't realize that; wait to open the oyster untill after you give it to her or else you miss the trophy)

And 2) 'Talk to the Hook' You have to 'Threaten a number of adversaries with a Hook' to get this. It took me a while to figure out who all you use the hook on. (In fact when I got to the end on my 2nd run and still didn't get the trophy, then it hit me about Morgan, forcing me to start all over a 3rd time.:mad:)
You have to use it on 1. Morgan at the opening fight. 2. Hardtack when trying to get past the blockade 3. the 3 pirates trying to fight LeChuck for the artifact and 4. McGillicutty holding Baluga hostage.

The rest of them are pretty self explanitory and easy to get as well. So, I hope that helps you guys and hopefully you won't have as much trouble with those 2 trophies as I did.

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