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They stole max's brain - Finished thread *SPOILERs*

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Ok, so I did this for penal zone and forgot to do one for the tomb of sammun mak. At the time of posting, the new episode arrives in 9 minuets.

Basically, once you finished the game, come back to this thred, and we can discuss what we thought about the game. And scream about "NOW I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER MONTH TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO BABY JESUS CHRIST AND BABY AMELIA AIRHEART!"

Or something like that.

6 minuets. AWW DAMN!!! Here we go!

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  • Great episode. Now on to not so patiently waiting for the next.

  • Completed. It was definitely different

  • My top tip for time saving in this game would be:
    After you got the have the toys with max's brain drive to the gift place and frankie and check the pay phones; then drive to the museum . From then on you can tele about easily.

    The pay phones cover two lcoations, stinkys cell covers another and cops dumps u right in the museum

  • For some reason I'm hoping Sam and Max get to beat up the narrator at the end of the season. It just seems like something they'd do if they knew he existed.

  • Really really loved the noir part, especially what they did with the driving cut-scenes, semi-interactive dialogues and superb musical score.

    Liked the museum part (Sal is one to stay!)

    But found the last part in the alternate reality quite bland graphic wise, and dull game-play wise (don't kill me for this)..

    Episode two is still my favorite despite its technical flaws,

  • My overall thoughts on the episode:

    Wow, this was great. Sharpest writing since Hit the Road, and the writing is the #1 most important part of such a crucially story-driven game! There were a few weaker points in the puzzles, and I was disappointed I didn't get to beat up a few more suspects during the whole noir segment - but yeah, this was a great episode all round :)

  • Apart from the noir act not being long enough, the "ALL HAIL SAMMUN-MAK!" getting old as soon as it started and the alternate reality going on for too long, I really liked this episode.

    Everything followed on bizarrely yet logically. The puzzles really challenged me and I got lots of satisfaction when I completed puzzles. The story-telling, script and voice-acting are all spot on (nice to see Nicki Rapp invited back for a different role), so plz give yourselves a pat on the back from me!

    The episode felt HUGE, both in terms of length of script/storyline and amount of locations. Nice to see the future vision used very sparingly and how inventive the somewhat excessive use of the rhinoplasty was.

    Not quite my favourite TT episode but it's in my top 8, that's for sure.

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