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Midwest Setting

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I was just wondering how familiar non-Usonian (I didn't say Americans, are you happy Ginny? :p) types are with the setting of Puzzle Agent? For example, how many of you have seen the Coen brothers films? What do you think of when you hear the term "Midwest"? Do you think of a place in the States? Do you know where the Midwest is? I'm just curious to hear a "foreign" take on the setting, and the images it conjures up.

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  • My personal favorite WI beer..... and you guessed it also made near my house... still using some of that clear water mentioned earlier.


  • So how come when you guys were listing off good things about the Midwest you didn't mention beer, hmm? Not that I drink, but I don't eat cheese either. Do order petit fours from the Swiss Colony though.

  • Why did you have to mention petits fours? Mmh? Damn you, Lena, making me drool like that.

    That beer looks nifty, but for some reason my first thought was "wow, that must be super sweet!". I guess I associate red with sweetness since it tends to be a fruit colour.

  • sweet beer? that would be either of these... the brewery is open to the public its kinda like willy wonka only with beer.... you get to sample everything and try upcoming stuff..... I naturally love the place..

  • Honey Weiss is A) a terrible pun and B) a misnomer 'cause I bet that beer ain't white.

    Fun Midwestern Fact #37 They love bad puns.

  • no its yellowish...

    fun fact they sold soda during the prohibition.... also a fun fact... I am a rare Northern Midwesterner who doesn't call soda .... POP.

  • *Gasp!* You're a fake, aren't you?! All this time I thought you really were from Wisconsin, but you're probably some East Coaster who moved in grade school or something, aren't you?

  • My mothers family was from the East Coast... Philadelphia to be exact. My Father grew up here.... as a result I have a hodgepodge way of talking... as demonstrated in the one thread where we all recorded our voices I do not have a thick WI accent either.

    I do on occasion say "You Bet" involuntarily and that is a variation of "You Bet'cha"

  • Oh wait, I was right? Shoot, maybe I am psychic! :p (For the non-United States types, we can pinpoint where someone is from based on whether or not they say "Pop" or "Soda" when referring to carbonated soft drinks, and their pronunciation of "orange".)

  • I say "soda" more than "pop" although I say both. Also, I thought it ways either "You bet" or "Betcha", but not both at once...

    Thanks for the beer, but I don't like beer, except for Dr Pepper (the French kind, not the carbonated North-American sweet drink. A shot of Amaretto in a pint of beer. Probably Belgian Lager.)

    I remember my first time having stout, and commenting that it tasted better when it came back out >.> I really didn't like it at all xD

    But I generally don't like alcohol. Haven't had it in so many years... Well, apart in food, but then the alcohol is cooked out, and that's the taste I dislike. Without the alcohol taste, most alcohols taste great.

    Anyways, Sounds like a nice place, Irish, letting you sample stuff like a cheese shop would. Pretty nifty.

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