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Futurama Thread

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This year, on the 10th of June, the first episode of Futurama season 6 will go to air :)! This will be the first official Futurama episode (excluding the feature length films) since 2003; 7 years (for those who can't count)! It's fittingly called "Rebirth", and will be the first of the 13 episodes in season 6, and then a season 7 is also planned - we'll be having a total 26 new episodes! The whole original voice-acting cast is back and Matt Groening and David X. Cohen are still heading the team and writing episodes!

Now, I've known about this for quite a while now - as I'm sure most of you have as well - but actually getting an official release date and episode title just makes it seem that much more real and make me, personally, that much more excited. So how about you? Are you excited about the television return of Futurama? Or are you worried that it may be a failure and forever tarnish your opinion of Futurama? Will the episodes live up to the old ones? And how did you think the feature length films fared against the classic episodes?

Opinions and speculation please.

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  • @Hayden said: Fair call, actually.

    i take offence to that :D

  • @The Highway said: i take offence to that :D

    You're more of a reviewer (I know, they're basically synonyms, it's just that reviewer sounds less harsh than critic).

  • @Hayden said: You're more of a reviewer (I know, they're basically synonyms, it's just that reviewer sounds less harsh than critic).

    i barely ever criticise!

  • Meh, those critics... can't say I agree with them. The shows just getting back into swing so you can't expect it to match the glory days from the start but these first 2 episodes were still rather good.

    You can't judge it's rebirth at the beginning, you need time to see if it can hold up. Take for example Family Guy. When it came back it started good and went slowly and steadily downhill to the point it was literally painful to watch. They've picked up again however but that doesn't erase what they did.

    We can only hope Futurama doesn't go the same way but from these first 2 episodes it seems more like so far so good to me.

  • I don't know what it is about these new episodes, but I'm just not enjoying them. The gags are good, but somehow the character interaction just doesn't seem like it's there anymore. I wasn't fond of the the second or most of the third direct to DVD movie either, so I'm going to probably take this as a downward movement compared to Devil's Hands, which admittedly would be hard to top.

    I like to be able to pin down the reasons for not liking something, but honestly I don't have it yet. I'll probably be watching these two episodes a couple times over to figure it out, but I think it has something to do with character interactions and the narrative structure.

  • Of course the new series is bound to be critisized and nitpicked to the bone, everyone is going to have their own expectations of how it should be. Mostly, they're way too high and I don't think I've ever seen a series have a season further down the track that's fresh and better than the first couple.
    I liked the episodes, the jokes seemed pretty much on par with season 4. Made me laugh and mainly, I dont hate it (yet). I just hope that they know when to stop (Im looking at you Simpsons and Family Guy).

  • The Leela butt mole episode was good for the most part but the actual but mole I didn't like. The episode coming after, which was a repeat, wasn't it? Was a little better.

    The wooden Bender episode.

  • I loved the episode with Zapp and Leela. The Rebirth episode was good but it wasn't great, but I understand that it was a bridge from the movies to the season. The eyePhone episode was fairly funny. I hope it can keep going strong but I'm kind of nervous that they might end up not being as good as the originals.

  • The latest episode was kind of... meh to me. I know Futurama's always done light social commentary, but this one was a bit too commentary-y for me, without enough actual funny. I hope this show doesn't become a futuristic Family Guy.

  • I saw the first 2 and I really disliked them, never laughed once. Not even a little smile. I was actually bored the jokes were flat and predictable.. and seriously, a vagina joke more obvious? °_° I know it was also a Star Trek reference but c'mon, at least they were subtle! Where's the wit? Where's the characters interaction? Where's the plot??? Hope they'll get back on track from now on. It didn't feel like Futurama at all. I had Family Guy vibes :(

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