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Sammun-Mak appreciation thread

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Sammun-Mak is mighty!
Sammun-Mak is grand!

I found the hail Sammun-Mak stuff way funnier than I should have.

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  • @thatdude98 said: bleh, bleh, bleh Sammun-Mak we give a big salute.


    WAIT! I mean- um... NO! I LOVE SAMMUN-MAK! Don't take me away! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Wait, does Sammun-Mak have Candle Jack in his employ? That makes heresy even mo

  • Sammun-Mak has no need of your paltry memes, only corndogs! Now get thee to hot dog on a stick or I shall throw you to the Smelly One!

  • All his corndogs were belong to Cats back in 2001, and he never quite got over it.

    [quote]Have I mentioned that Ms. Rapp gave Sammun-Mak the cutest, little boy voice? That actually sounded like a little boy?[/quote]
    I still think he sounded a bit feminine.

  • He sounded too feminine. In museum I thought it was a girl, giving girly sitting poses and all that (now I know that those are NOT actually 'girly sitting poses'). Also I thought the one who Sam addresses as 'Lady Godiva' in the future vision was Sammun-Mak, again.

    Well, he sounded cute either way.

  • I love his voice: dignified, haughty and childlike at the same time.

  • I loved Sammun-Mak.
    He shows us how Max would be if he hasn't his friend Sam as a antipol.
    And i think Max's body with the egyptian attachements is really sexy. :D
    I immediately want a poster of him.

  • @Randulf said: I love his voice: dignified, haughty and childlike at the same time.

    Agreed. Excellent performance by Nicki!

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