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Politics in Sam & Max?

posted by dudleyjohn on - last edited - Viewed by 514 users

Aside from the less-subtle references to various private body parts, I think the TellTale writers are scraping the bottom of the barrel for jokes. Maybe some fresh minds are needed. I was offended by the name used for the dinosaur exhibit in the museum. It shows a sophomoric view of politics that only mind-numbed liberals could possess. I'm waiting to draw my final conclusions about the likelihood that I will purchase another TellTale game - to see if there are any references to Doofus Pelosius, Rankus Reedius, or Hurlus Huseinus Obamanus. That would at least show a relatively balanced imbalanced humor. Gee, I wonder if this post will make it past the free-speech police at Tell Tale?

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