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German Tourist Appreciation Thread

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You knew it would show up eventually.

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  • @julian said: "Zauberkrieg" really made me laugh, actually the whole word sums up the story and its elements quite nicely. But IIRC, the tourist showed some French-isms as well.

    He also says "De nada" at one point, which is clearly Spanish.

  • I thought he was an okay new character, but seemed better suited to ToMI. His voice/dialouge was quite entertaining though.
    Btw what was the deal with him in Act 3? I saw him near the table and I think he said something near there about the corndogs but I never saw him again??

  • @Majus said: Wow thanks people, I appreciate it!
    Next time you are at the dinnertable, confuse your family&friends with a conversation involving "Weltraumliebewachzauberkrieg". It's fun!

    Wow. Telltale internships offer some pretty good perks. Voice acting, screenwriting, advertising. Is it helping to get your name out?

  • @Majus said: Oh, he is not german. He is european.

    I wonder if that explanation also works for tomorrow's today's formula 1 race - they bill Valencia as being the "European track" when I'm pretty sure it was in Spain last I checked... :D

    (Or maybe it's just some clever hack to squeeze two Spanish races out of the FIA rules - I dunno...)

    np: Marsmobil - Patience (Sixteen F**king Years Of G-Stone Recordings (Disc 1))

  • I came into this topic expecting to ask "why does this topic exist?" but then Majus the VA and amazement and shock and then fainted and then happy and then understanding.

    If I'm not clear, tell me.

  • The tourist is, as people have mentioned, a pisstake of the fact that a lot of people from the US think that "European" (and "British", for that matter) is a nationality. There are many different countries, with many different customs and languages. The tourist, therefore is utterly confusing (not to mention confused himself) because he is a mixture of so many different ones. He also seems to have an endless enthusiasm despite the fact that he seems to run into bad luck throughout his entire appearance. I noticed Norwegian and Danish aspects to both his appearance and personality too (including use of the words "Nej" and "Fjord", and even though he's a reused TOMI model, he bears an incredible resemblance to Senior from the Danish band Junior Senior (the guy on top in the picture below) so I thought that was part of the idea. :DJunior+Senior.jpg

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    @ATMachine said: He also says "De nada" at one point, which is clearly Portuguese.


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