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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2?

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When's that scheduled for then? :D

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  • With the ending in Chapter 5 how could they not, you also hear small bits of what happened before tales when he assembled the Cutlass, a possible game to make I think.

  • That's a good idea actually. Make the full next season a prequel to ToMI. That way they could introduce a new villain which you have to beat to get the cutlass (maybe some alter-ego of Guybrush that wants to use the power of the cutlass for something else). In the final episode, you get to beat up that other Guybrush that was referred to in episode 4 (let's pretend that just wasn't a joke). And when our Guybrush wins (he always does in the end), the final cutscene sees Guybrush and Elaine sailing into the sunset, with the intention of finding LeChuck.

    Heck, they could pretend that the evil Guybrush actually IS LeChuck's younger brother, and that LeChuck mistook you (the good Guybrush) for him! :D

    Which in turn makes it possible to make evil Guybrush take over for LeChuck, after getting hands on his soul as a zombie or ghost in a deal with the Voodoo lady (always pulling the strings of balance), and devouring it. And LeChuck is gone for good (or at least for a couple of games), and we have a new returning villain.

  • Considering that now Sam & Max season 3 is coming out and newly acquired Back To The Future and Jurassic Park licences, there are two options:
    1) Considering TellTale's hiring, it will come out in 2011 (summer?)
    2) Considering the one-game-a-year frequence, it will come out 2012-2013
    Oh, there's another option!
    3) It won't come out.
    But x-files-2-title-revealed-2.jpg :D

    PS: I WANT IT NOW!!!

  • What i really would like to see in a sequel would be going back to the Tri Island area and going to familiar islands and seeing old character's.

  • I finally managed to complete it... Time is not my friend! Excellent set of games, and really worth playing! I really hope there is another 'set of tales' to come! With that ending they sure leave room!

  • If it's really going to be somewhen soon (between 2011 and 2013) I hope they have written a great deal of the story for it already. I don't want a rushed game with a poor plot (and it must be hard to top the plot's quality of TOMI).

  • i think it should have a different name

  • @Bagge said: We didn't in Monkey 2 either. Until the CMI retcon, that is.

    your on monkey island in the ending scene in mi2

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