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Stuck after "Tracking Trouble" - Possible Glitch?

posted by Rynen10K on - last edited - Viewed by 146 users

I just finished the "Tracking Trouble" puzzle, after which I assume is supposed to unlock the Ice Fishing Huts as the next location. However, it's not.

I have completed 27 out of the 30 available puzzles, do I need to finish those 3 first? They are "Super Bugs in Boxes" and another harder version of the bird freight puzzles, as well as another one.

I have a feeling I may have glitched myself. I never checked that the front door of the lodge was locked until after completing the "Tracking Trouble" puzzle. Is it possible this may be the problem?

Any help would be awesome. I can't seem to progress in the game, and I really don't want to have to start another game :(

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