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More Puzzle Agent please!

posted by Errol on - last edited - Viewed by 283 users

I just this minute finished the pilot episode and loved it. I was hoping my perfect score, no hints, would get me some stupendous prize but oh well.

More please! I likes me some puzzles.


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  • I kinda liked the ending, but still wanna help the guy...

    This needs to get a full season treatment, I loved the game

  • @seson3churious said: I L-O-V-E-D IT! But I expected to go on more places on the map and I had a feeling that the story just stopped at the end (One second he is watching gnomes taking away that Isaac guy and the next he's in his office reading the newspaper?)

    His mission wasnt to rescue him it was just to open the door.

  • I've just finished it! I need more! I'll probably replay this again in the next week or so. I just loved it!

  • Awesome game! I really liked the fargo touch. laughed out loud when i came to the hut with the cult and saw the sign brorskap av skogen. since i am Norwegian it was kinda funny and cool =D

  • Definately series-worthy! There just isn't anything else like this out there for PC puzzle/gnome fans--hopefully Telltale seizes the opportunity.

  • @[TTG said: Yare;338281']Well-done, agent! Take pride in the fact that you wasted the fewest taxpayer dollars possible.

    On this topic, I love how it takes $75,642.98 to do something as simple as putting a torn-up crossword back together :D.

  • @Ba5 said: Just finished it, loved it, but I was kind of hoping for complete stories every episode, like a normal CSI-like show. Cliffhangers suck! What if PA has terrible sales, or Telltale decides to focus on other projects? We'd never see the ending of this story arc! See also: Shenmue 3, Half-Life episode 3.

    I thought the ending had just enough wrap up, but left enough room for a sequel. The guy mention local law enforcement handling it, maybe this means you'd play as the Sheriff. Just a thought, but it would be awesome if each game had a different gameplay style, and a different player character, but kept with the same overarching story.

  • I don't think we'll be going back to Scoggins. The entire town is being tormented by the hidden people. It'd be like playing as the sheriff of Silent Hill. You already know the town and are sucked into the scary stuff behind the scenes. There's no tension.

    This def needs a season. There's so much you can do here. I loved the puzzles I loved how creepy it was. I can sum up my entire review of the game in three words: MORE PUZZLE AGENT!

  • @Sixkiller said: I don't think we'll be going back to Scoggins.

    My guess is that we will. From the first time I saw the website I got the impression that "Mystery of Scoggins" was kind of like the season title. More importantly, Telltale has already invested a lot of resources in the story, the characters, casting the voices, the music, etc. I can't imagine they'd start all over for each $10 episode. Most of the reviews, even the ones with mediocre scores, have commented favorably on the setting and the characters. They're trying to build a market for the game -- one that goes way beyond Grickle fans -- why would they throw out all they've built so far and take the chance that a new setting and characters might not have the same charm that everyone seems to love about Puzzle Agent?

  • I'd love to see more. I really enjoyed the game. Minor quibbles with some of the puzzles where the rules were not clearly spelled out, and wish it were longer, but what there was to be played was top notch.

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