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Sam N Max DVD out of stock charge questions

posted by Col_Shaggy on - last edited - Viewed by 223 users

I bought the full season at the outset of the series and when I saw the E-mail for ordering the DVD I went for it right away. This morning I had an E-Mail sayin it was out of stock and my card wouldn't be charged until it came in stock. I don't know if this because it hasn't been released yet or if it sold out that quickly.

So is there any way I can have ite charged and paid for right now rather than wait until its ready to ship out to me?

Problem I've got is I'm still waiting on the new Reel Big Fish album, which won't be charged till it ships, and I don't want all of these charges to strike at a time when I don't have enough money in my account to cover them.

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  • We haven't sold out, the DVD's are in manufacturing. The notice you got, was sent out by Digital River, our commerce provider, which we had no idea was going to happen or control over. That notice can be disregarded, but we should have made it clearer that the DVD is not shipping now, we are just accepting orders. Sorry for the confusion. As for the charge, we can't charge it now, but if you'd like for me to cancel the order and place it when you are ready, that is an option we are offering. We will be offering the DVD for a while and if you place your order in the window of JUL-SEPT you should be fine.

  • For what it's worth, there are legal reasons for not being able to charge for an unfulfilled order.

  • Thanks for the input.
    Things will probably be fine just the way it is so I'm not going to mess with the current setup\order. I've been used to preordering something, typically at a storefront in the local mall, and completely paying for it before release or shipping. Back then my income was a lot more erratic and I haven't been shopping online for very long.
    Anyway thanks again.

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