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Store credit not accepted [issue-30813]

posted by Nightsurfer on - last edited - Viewed by 113 users


when I tried to use my $13.94 store credit during the "50% off when pre-ordering the new 'puzzle agent' game" promotion, the coupon code was voided, but due to a bug in the shop software only $2.53 had been actually subtracted from the total, so I "lost" $11.41 during this transaction.

I had contacted you by email (issue id# 30813), and bonnie replied that this could be fixed manually after I have completed the order. - So on 6/2 I replied to that email stating that I completed the order and asked to address this problem, as promised before, but I did not get any response. On 6/11 I sent a reminder, but got no feedback. - And even today, one month later, this topic has not been addressed yet. :(

As I also do not get the Telltale newsletter any longer (though I am subscribed), I wonder if your or my provider might block the email traffic and therefore decided to contact you once again using the forum: Could you please look into "issue id# 30813" and help to refund the $11.41 I have paid too much for order number?


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