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If There Is A Fourth Season...

posted by queen_of_the_lobsters on - last edited - Viewed by 188 users

How similar will it be to The Devil's Playhouse? The way the season's going, it seems like Max might have to give up the Toys of Power and The Devil's Toybox to save the world, and I don't want to see that happen. I love the Toy-oriented puzzles, as well as the inventory oriented puzzles Sam is so accustomed to, and I want to see more of it in future seasons. I'm hoping to actually be able to control Max's movement (not just his toys) in future seasons, and I enjoy making Max talk to people as well (the end of Tomb of Sammun-Mak and the second and third parts of They Stole Max's Brain were very good). I kind of miss switching between Sam and Max's dialogue options to solve puzzles, like they did in Season One.

Still, all this is assuming a fourth season is over the horizon. I guess you could call it the Sam and Max Season Four Speculation Thread...

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  • The problem is that we might face a system similiar to that in Wallace and Gromit - you play as both but the two actually are completely the same.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @splash1 said: I agree, but as of now I kind of want each Season after this to stand on it's [sic!] own, have it's [sic!] own plot, ideas. You know.

    Well, of course! What is as of yet missing in the Sam & Max games - and I really hope for that to happen in a fourth installment - is a "road movie" type season. I think that it is very much in the spirit of the Sam & Max comics, and recurring characters could appear in one episode only, while the season begins and ends in the office. Also, they just have to go to Vegas and meet up with Bosco. :D

    (Oh, and "it's" means "it is". Here, it's just "its". ;) )

  • I'd enjoy the ability to control Max himself for some puzzles, I think that would open up a whole world of opportunities.

  • It'd be nice if they were in two completely different places with their own inventories, you can switch between them at will, and they have to learn information and send it to one another to help with the other's puzzles. Kind of like the reel system in 302.

  • if there is a fourth season, I really hope that Bosco makes a return.

  • Look, the Toys of Power need to be sacrificed so that, next season, we can have adventures within the surreal minature dimension hiding just inside Jimmy's rathole. Also that rathole will totally exist again when the office is reinstated using a space-time contimuum...thing. Probably caused by the minature dimension inside Jimmy's rathole. I'm not faux-scientist, they can figure it out.

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    divisionten Moderator

    "Use Max" is something I've wanted as a possible option in a real social situation for a long time. It would simultaneously create and solve so many of life's problems.

  • @queen_of_the_lobsters said: They don't necessarily have to split up. ...

    Well the guy I was quoting did say that. More generally, yes I think something like this season's Max mode would be nice to keep. Instead of psychic toys, I envision some combination of one or a few inventory items (at least his Luger) and some basic interaction options along the lines of mouth for talking/biting/licking, hands for taking/using/etc, feet for jumping/kicking. The only potential issue is that Max can't really carry focus very long, so it's better to have only Sam able to initiate dialog trees and walk deliberately.
    Picking Max dialog options was always good for a laugh, so more of that is always welcome. As for a Use Max, I tend to agree with the designer who once said that that was just too arbitrary and doesn't make you feel smart for solving a puzzle with it.

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